White Steamed Sausage

Trade Terms & Business Information for White Steamed Sausage:

Model No.Kielbasa Biala Parzona
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification

Traditional polish sausage. Delicious, original taste of highest quality polish meat. Please check also other products we offer. Premium quality and great taste will suprise you!
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Beef, Veal, Lamb
Beef, Veal, LambBeef silver side- blade on, cleaned and eyeround included Beef topside cleaned and plade on Beef knuckle cleaned and blade on Beef rump cleaned and blade on If intreasted in our products please s
Beef Cuts
Beef CutsQuality beef cuts set to customer satisfaction
Halal Buffalo Offals and Halal Boneless Buffalo Meat
Halal Buffalo Offals and Halal Boneless Buffalo MeatWe can supplu shin, shank, tongue, heart, tail and so on of buffalo frozen halal
Chicken Grillers / Broilers 1,5 Kg Up
Chicken Grillers / Broilers 1,5 Kg UpGrain Fed Chickens. The Best of Nature with Pampas Pride Meats From Argentina.
Python Meat
Python MeatWe have available for export 1500 kgs per month of python meat (molurus bivittatus). Our fob price is $40 us per kilogram. Minimum order 100 kgs.
Beef Tongue
Beef TongueBeef tongue- swiss cut with epithelium:50 mt (2fcl) at +/- usd1700 fob brazilian ports,30%\70%
Dried Sliced Pork Meat
Dried Sliced Pork MeatDried sliced pork meat is a chinese fast food, its like ham but its sweet, savoury and have a strong aroma. Can be eaten wif slices of bread with lettuce, cut into smaller pieces n make fried rice or
Wild Boar Meat
Wild Boar MeatOur wild boars are catch using the animal trap, and slaughter in a abattoir. Its cheap and free from chemical injection..
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken NuggetsWe manufacture halal chicken nuggets battered only, and battered and breaded, they are available in the standard size of 1 * 2kg boxes, they are supplied frozen.
Organic Beef
Organic BeefOrganic free-range beef. These animals are born and raised on a pristine Alaskan Island. Delicious taste. Clean on the palette, exceptionally good without the grassy taste of most free-range beef. V
Chicken Feet / Paw
Chicken Feet / PawWe can offer frozen chicken feet/paws directly from Ukrainian chicken slaughterhouses. Currently we have 55 MT, packed in carton boxes,10 kg each. We are looking for the long-term cooperation. We can
Argentinian Beef
Argentinian BeefWe sell the best meat in the world!!! The argentine cow meat. Cuts of Beef: BONE-IN PRIMAL CUTS: Beef Side - Outer View Beef Side - Inner View Side Forequarter Hindquarter Pistola Rump And Loin (R&L)

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