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Model No.HENDRX usa
Place Of OriginUSA
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

The Hendrx USA Watergen is an innovative state of the art, water generating machine capable of producing membrane filtered, ultra violet purified water from the air we breathe and whenever needed, ranging from 20 litres to 5000 litres per day. A technology which can assure the user the source and that the water consumed is not contaminated.
Not only does the Hendrx USA Watergen machine provide an endless supply of pure water from air from the comfort of one's choice of location, it also acts as an air purifier as it recycles and cleanses the air. Further it needs no external source of water or plumbing, meets WHO standards, contains no harmful or inorganic minerals and eliminates the need of bottled and tap water.
Below are the advantages of HENDRX USA WATERGEN
An endless supply of pure water.
Saves money and time.
Is free of bacteria and chemicals.
Is easy to set-up and maintain.
Eliminates the need of bottled or tap water.
In one-fourth the cost of bottled water.
Recycles and cleanses the air.
Needs no external source of water or plumbing.
Meets WHO standards.
Contains no harmful or inorganic minerals.
Can be produced at the location of one's choice.
 see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/watergen-2059-6188.htm
Nitrobacteria Medicine
Nitrobacteria MedicineNitrobacteriaDegrade the ammonianitritesulfureted hydrogenAnti-pathogensPurify waterPromote the immunity of fishContain a large amount of proteins, vitamins, carotenoid, antivirus material and the gro
PRESSURE TANKSPressure tanks for water pump, 80L, horizontal;iron, into pressure 2.5bar, and highest pressure of 5bar.
Chlorine test strips
Chlorine test stripstest range:(chlorine) 0-1000ppm 4.5m/roll with small plastic box feeder and color chart widty: 8 mm or 30/50/80/100pcs per plastic tube.
Bottom Loading Water Dispenser
Bottom Loading Water DispenserItem:GRA2-5D4 Character: Hot&cold,cook&cold romm temperature all in one Capacity: Hot: 500w,>90Degree, 5L/H, Cold:100w,
Water Treatment Packing
Water Treatment PackingFeatures: 1) Made by special technology, a spring textile with spiral loop 2) Large surface, and microorganism can be stuck 3) Advantages of natural curl and spring loop: hydrophilic, strong absorptio
MA/AA dispersant
MA/AA dispersantCopolymer of Maleic and Acylic Acid (MA/AA)CAS 26677-99-6itemsWater treatment agentAccessory detergentAppearanceClear brown liquidamber transparent liquidSolid content %48 min50 minFree monomer (MA) %
Mineral Water Plant Ultra Filter Capacity 8000L/h
Mineral Water Plant Ultra Filter Capacity 8000L/hMineral water equipment capacity 8000 liters per hour. For making natural mineral spring water. To be fitted with mineral water filling line capacity 15000BPH middle scale factory. Features: 1) Capa
Pool and Spa Filter Cartridges
Pool and Spa Filter CartridgesFeatures: 1) Pleated design maximizes dirt-bolding capacity 2) Increased filter area longer filtration runs 3) Able to clean and reuse most applications 4) Designed for general water filtration purpos
RO Water Purifier
RO Water PurifierSpecifications: 1) Model: RO-1000I(2000L/H) 2) Capacity of pure water: 2,000L/H (25oC) 3) General power: 4.75kW 4) Electrical power: AC 380V 8.8A 50Hz 5) RO membrane: CPA24040, 8pcs (1 grades) 6
RO System Lifting Piston
RO System Lifting PistonThis uses 1.5mm sheet iron creations.
Whole House water filtration systems
Whole House water filtration systemsSpecifications: 1) Control valve: a) Canature patented control valve b) Made in China c) Fully automatic, electronic, computerized2) 8 hours protection for interruption of power supply3) Max
Seawater / Brackish Water Desalination Plant
Seawater / Brackish Water Desalination Plant1. Pure water capacity: 1-100 CBM per day2. Adopts the best America seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane, withhigh desalinization ratio (over 98.6%)3. With good quality professional seawater

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