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Model No.TC-416
Place Of OriginJakarta
Brand NameVotel
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T
Supply Ability100
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification


Product Information

4 PSTN,16 Extensions, Call Interuption, Call Restriction, Call Transfer, Password, Caller ID, Lightning Arrester - using standard analog phone

Detail Specifications

Certified ISO-9002
Number PSTN Four
Number of Extensions Sixteen
3rd Party Conference Call Include
Calling Features
Outgoing Call Duration 1-99 minutes
Call Interuption
Call Privacy
Call Restriction/Enabling (default)
Call Transfer
Prepaid Calling Card Access 4 digits
Dialing Out Without Prefix
Machine Features
Voice Prompt/Recording 12 seconds
Do Not Disturb Facility
Intercom System
No Special Telephone Required
Call Pick Up Facility
Caller ID Facility
Melody on Hold
Lightning Induction Arrester
Password Features
Password Setup
System Reset
Shipping Weight 3 kgs
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Digital Key Phone System
Digital Key Phone System- Digital/ISDN PBX - Capacity:2-10CO,16-40 STA(ISDK-26); 4-16CO 8-48 STA(ISDK-56) - Full Digital - Caller-ID - Optional built-in ISDN-BRI card; VoIP trunk card - Account Code - Call Park - LCR/ARS - C
PABX System
PABX System>Normal Caller ID >OGM 12S >Third parties conference >First digit of outgoing call group >Degrade districted >Romote maintance
Pabx, Telephone Central
Pabx, Telephone CentralDigital switching with pulse coded modulation (pcm) and time division multiplexing (tdm). Capacity:2048 extensions and co lines.8 i/o pcm-30 channels cept pcm g.703, g 704, i.431, q.921, q.931 with ds
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PABX Shenou 2 Trunks 8 ExtensionsHjk-120(208) Ideal Switchboard for small companies. Switchboard 208 has been thought for big houses and those small companies where they need a telephone communication a switchboard with basic funct
Pabx 2x4 Until 6x24
Pabx 2x4 Until 6x24Analog pabx from 2 lines and 4 extension up to 8 lines and 24 extensions Features: * caller ID fsk & dtmf * emergency call * room monitoring * on hold music (internal and external) * doorphone* * inte
Votel Exchanges
Votel ExchangesTC-108C Product Information 1 PSTN,8 Extensions, Call Restriction, Call Transfer, Password, Voice Prompt - using standard analog phone Detail Specifications Certified ISO-9001 Number PSTN
Telephone Switch (PABX)
Telephone Switch (PABX)1-6 lines; 8-32 extensions Caller ID Password Programming Boss/Secretary Function Do Not Disturbance Power Failure Transfer Multiple Communication channels Call Duration Control Conferences(1COline an
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PABX (TC-208B)The internal calling doesn't need to pass the telecom bureau, free of charge force plug Dials out Transfers, inquires, multi-transferring receives Waits with music Automatic belling
1KW PDM MW AM Broadcasting Transmitter
1KW PDM MW AM Broadcasting TransmitterHigh-frequency drive signal has outside stirs up and local oscillation two ways, automatic cut over local oscillation when outside stirs up without signal. The overall is suitable the three-phase AC
PABX System
PABX System8 Co-line 32 extensions line Three paragraph of computer operator's voice FSK / DTMF sender chip inside, CO line CID can be transferred from one extension to another freely CO line monitor Outgoing c
PABXFeatures: 1) Enable any extension ports compatible with our two-wire key telephone and freewill quantity, plug and play. 2) Flexible extension number assignment (2, 3 or 4 digits) 3) FSK / DTMF c

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