VOIP Skype USB PJ-11 Cordless Internet Phone Adapter

Trade Terms & Business Information for VOIP Skype USB PJ-11 Cordless Internet Phone Adapter:

Model No.Skype Key
Place Of OriginUnited States
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T
Supply Ability5000/month
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification


Analog telephone adapter for dialing skype, the internet software telephone, with regular analog wired/cordless phone line or dect (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) phone line. It supports both multi-call switch (a talk switch between multi skype calls) and conference call (talk with many skype calls simultaneously). With these functions, you are able to chat with many persons on the internet skype talk during the same period of time.
Skypekey offers all the convenience and enjoyment in applications. You can easily operate it on regular analog telephone. Especially when connected to dect telephone, you can freely talk with the skype people as you are roaming in the boundless internet world, enjoying the convenience of the long distance wireless technology.

Key features:
* connect skype through your phone no more microphone and speaker
A. Slic (subscriber line interface circuit) interface for analog phone connection
B. Support cordless phone set include dect,2.4ghz,900 MHz or others
C. Receive skype call by ring and pick up handset same as home line
D. Dial skype call through phone pad directly or skype users interface
E. Support skype speed dial and skypeout through phone pad directly
F. Connect skype and skypein call into pbx or enterprise ivr
G. Dial skypeout from pbx digital extension set directly

* auto configure skype audio device when skypekey plug-in

* create multiple calls and switch call between held calls circularly by flash-key or user define phone key pad.

* create conference call and join new call into conference sequentially by user define phone key pad.

* support international busy tone generates, easy to connect with pbx.

* support 20,25,30 and 50hz ring signal frequency

* support 2 ren standard loads

* support standard windows USB audio device with unique device ID
Minimum system requirements:
To keep normal functions of skypekey, your system needs to meet the following requirements:

One computer running at 400 MHz or better, with a USB port,128 MB RAM, and a CD-ROM drive, microsoft windows 2000, XP,5mb free hard disk memory, skype application version 1.3 or above( free download from Skype), wire/wireless LAN or modem-based internet connection.
Product specification:
1. USB 1.1 standard
2. Skype 1.3 above compatible
3. One rj-11 (fxs) for standard analog or cordless phone set, standard pbx analog pstn interface
4. No external power needed
5. Dimensions (lxwxh):67.4 x 36.2 x 17.8 mm
 see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/voip-skype-usb-pj-11-cordless-internet-phone-adapter-2338-48027.htm
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