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Model No. Green Tea Skin Care Set
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Restore your skin to the calm and health of nature

To restore health to the tired skin of urbanites who aspire to a life of balance, we have created valencia gio green tea. This skincare system gives comfort and health to damaged skin, using green tea, the most famous wellbeing ingredient, as well as fulfills the inherent pursuit of beauty.

1. Valencia gio green tea skin toner
Valencia gio green tea skin toner features catechin, an ingredient of green tea, which is excellent in soothing skin. Catechin removes impurities that often remain even after washing one's face. This botanical toner helps your skin feel fresh with an equally fresh appearance. The combination of other botanical ingredients provides ample water for your skin. They also balance your skin's ph after washing your face and reinforce moisture, preventing a loss of water.
[volume] 150ml/5.1 fl. Oz

2. Valencia gio green tea emulsion
Valencia gio green tea emulsion amply provides for dry and lackluster skin with the optimal combination of green tea and botanical ingredients. From the moment you apply it, you will feel replenished and comfortable for a long time.
[volume] 150ml/5.1 fl. Oz

3. Valencia gio green tea nutrition cream
Valencia gio green tea nutrition cream keeps water from evaporating from your skin with the optimal combination of botanical ingredients and ample nutrition that can be found only in green tea. It instills vigor and spirit to your skin.
[volume] 60g/2.1 fl. Oz

4. Valencia gio green tea essence
Valencia gio green tea essence features vitamin c and polyphenol extracted from green tea and vitamin c, k, b from pine needles and other botanical ingredients. It is a concentrated cream that is fast-absorbing, invigorating undernourished and rough skin and boosting its resilience and luster.
[volume] 40ml/1.4 fl. Oz

5. Valencia gio green tea eye cream
Valencia gio green tea eye cream includes vitamin c and tannin, the most potent ingredient of green tea. It prevents your skin from losing resilience.
[volume] 40ml/1.4 fl. Oz
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