T5 Ballast

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Model No. For T5
Origin Place China
Brand Name Ultralamp
Price Terms EXW, FOB, C&F
Payment Terms T/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead Time Negotiable

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Features & Specifications

style: Electronic
matched_tube: T5

1) Type: ballast for T5
2) Input voltage: 90V, 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC
3) Spec. 1:
a) Power: 14W, 24W, 28W, 39W, 49W, 54W, 80W, 2 x 14W, 2 x 24W, 2 x 28W,
2 x 29W, 2 x 49W, 2 x 54W, 2 x 80W
b) PF: ≥97%
c) ATHD: ≤25%
d) CF: ≤1.7
4) Spec. 2:
a) Power: 14W, 21W, 24W, 28W, 35W, 39W, 49W, 54W, 80W, 2 x 14W, 2 x 21W,
2 x 24W, 2 x 28W, 2 x 35W, 2 x 49W, 2 x 54W, 2 x 80W, 4 x 24W, 3 x 28W
b) PF: ≥99%
c) ATHD: ≤10%
d) CF: ≤1.6
 product detailed reference: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/t5-ballast-66071-432.htm

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