T5 Ballast

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Model No.For T5
Place Of OriginChina
Brand NameUltralamp
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

style: Electronic
matched_tube: T5
1) Type: ballast for T5
2) Input voltage: 90V, 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V AC
3) Spec. 1:
a) Power: 14W, 24W, 28W, 39W, 49W, 54W, 80W, 2 x 14W, 2 x 24W, 2 x 28W,
2 x 29W, 2 x 49W, 2 x 54W, 2 x 80W
b) PF: ≥97%
c) ATHD: ≤25%
d) CF: ≤1.7
4) Spec. 2:
a) Power: 14W, 21W, 24W, 28W, 35W, 39W, 49W, 54W, 80W, 2 x 14W, 2 x 21W,
2 x 24W, 2 x 28W, 2 x 35W, 2 x 49W, 2 x 54W, 2 x 80W, 4 x 24W, 3 x 28W
b) PF: ≥99%
c) ATHD: ≤10%
d) CF: ≤1.6 see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/t5-ballast-66071-432.htm
Ballaststyle: MagneticProduct name: magnetic ballast Specification: 220V/240V 50Hz 20W~40W Features: 1) Safe, high effective and low power consumption 2) High magnetic induction 3) Noiseless and low workin
400W Electronic Ballast for HPS
400W Electronic Ballast for HPSstyle: ElectronicFeatures and benefits: 1.High Efficient: over 90% 2.Constant output power 3.Various protection function, high safe and reliable 4.Green , reduce the pollution to the power net 5. Smal
Electronic Ballast
Electronic Ballaststyle: ElectronicPL lamp 2*26w UV,Rapid start UL Approved
HID Kit1, Two original HID lamps, two matched ballasts, several annex and install manual contained in one kit. Flex kit has the matched wire group 2, Ballast for sur vision: D1, D2, E1, E2, F, I 3, Packin
FP-HID-MN50 Ballast
FP-HID-MN50 Ballaststyle: Electronic1) Stainless steel case, waterproof and vibration resistant 2) Quick and safe ignition, internal voltage protection 3) Low voltage and power protecting the lamps 4) Input voltag
Electronic Ballast
Electronic Ballaststyle: ElectronicElectronic Ballast for circle lampPerformance and characteristics:Rated supply voltage: 220V-240VRated frequency: 50-60HzStart within 0.3 secondsThe life dying of lamp or abnormal for
HID BALLASTSCode:ZL-B035/B070 Power:35/70W Open circuit voltage(peak):3.8-5KV Open circuit voltage(rms):400V Output power: constant power Safety:Program controlled
Electronic Ballast
Electronic Ballastmatched_tube: T5style: Electronic
Ballaststyle: ElectronicModel:PSYZ09D4 1) Safety: convenient, over load and abnormity protection 2) Energy saving: power factor up to 0.98, low dissipation, saving 30% energy than traditional ballast 3) Exc
400V750W HPS  Lamp ELECTRON BALLASTstyle: ElectronicFeatures:Energy Saving,and Cost-EffectiveConstant output power.Various protection.High PF, low THD ,reduce the pollution tothe power lineConformity with TUV, CE ,GS and ISO9001certifi
Ballast for Energy-Saving Lamps (PLC)
Ballast for Energy-Saving Lamps (PLC)style: MagneticBallast for energy-saving lamps (PLC) or for compact fluorescent lamps Wattage: 4/6/8W, 7/9/11W, 13W, 16W, 18W Material: pure copper wire, silicone steel core Dimensions: 32 x 41mm TW:
Electronic Ballasts for 750W HPS Lamp
Electronic Ballasts for 750W HPS Lampstyle: ElectronicSpecifications: 1) Lamp power: 750W 2) Voltage: 230V, 50/60Hz 3) Current: 3.326A 4) Input power: 765W 5) Output power: 700W 6) Power factor: ≥0.99 7) Voltage range: 175~265V / 9

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