Surface Mount Zener Diodes(0.5W/MINI-MELF Package)

Trade Terms & Business Information for Surface Mount Zener Diodes(0.5W/MINI-MELF Package):

Model No.ZMM55-C5V1,ZMM55-C6V2
Place Of OriginNingbo
Brand NameYK
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Surface Mount Zener Diodes:ZMM55-C2V4,ZMM55-C2V7,ZMM55-C3V0,ZMM55-C5V1,ZMM55-C5V6,ZMM55-C6V2,ZMM55-C6V8,DL4733A,DL4735A,
 see product details:
Stud Didoes
We can supply rectifier diodes, with rated mean forward current from 5A to 5000A and repetitive voltage from 100V to 4500V, There are two constructions: stud models and disc model and there two forms
Power Semiconductors
Virtual Junction Temperature:150°C Isolation Voltage(effrective AC):≥2.5Kv Max Repetitive Reverse Voltage:800-1200V Max Repetitive Reverse current:≤10mA Forward Current(average):20A,100°
3W LED side emitter
Colors available: red, yellow, blue, green, white and warm whiteAdopted to various aluminum PCB and lensForward current: 700mASpecifications:SS-SA1R1N2 red 55 lumenSS-SA1Y1N2 yellow 55 lumenSS-SA1B1E2
Single Fiber Output Dual-Wavelength Laser Module
The GCSLX-Duet series is designed specially for medical applications like dentistry. It provides two wavelengths lasers delivered in single fiber. At 2 to 7 watts, the GCSLX-Duet features 808nm or 980
Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes
Schottky Barrier Rectifier Diodes:1N5817,1N5878,1N5819,SR120,SR130,SR140,SR150,SR160,SR180,SR1A0,SR220,SR230,SR240,SR250,SR260,SR280,SR2A0,1N5820,1N5821,1N5822,SR520,SR530,SR540,SR550,SR560,SR580,SR5A
870nm RCLED(wafer,chip)
In general, the RCLED is consisted of a Fabry-Perot cavity, sandwiched between upper and lower distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs). The cavity is generally designed with 1- thick, and the quantum wel
Features: --Symmetrical characteristics --VBO min. 95V and max. up to 113V --Designed for direct interface with AC circuit --Glass-passivated junctions insure reliable operation --High pulse current
Dish Diode
- Dish diode (25/35/50A) - Button diode (TVS, 35/50A - Avalanche Press-fit diode (Bosch, Lucas, Hitachi, 35/50A ) - 1/2 inch Press-fit (Insulated/Flag/Hook lead, 35/50A ) - Dish diode ( 35
Zener Diode
Zener diodes in 3 watt,10watt,20 watt and 50 watt. 3watt and 10 watt in do4 package.20 watt and 50 watt in do5 package. Voltage available from 12v to 200v.
Sidac Diode
Sidac diode: K105-k240, voltage:105-240v Packing: Do-15 and do-201ad. Applied To pulse current of filter, high-voltag E lamp trigger, hid illuminating ballast
Switching Diode (DL4148)
Founded in 2004, Suzhou Wonder Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on studying, manufacturing and selling semiconductor devices. Our products are widely used in computers, communications, electronics, house
Three Phase Diode Bridges (MDE150A80)
Features: 1) Io: 10A - 200A; Vrrm: 800 - 1800V; VFM: ≤1.3V 2) MDQ diode bridge module 3) MDC diode bridge module 4) MDS diode bridge module

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