Super Cat Radar Detector

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Model No. sve-84
Origin Place Japan
Brand Name Super Cat
Certifications ISO 2001
Packaging Retail original box, with all acessories included.
Price Terms FOB Constanta USD 199
Payment Terms T/T,CASH
Supply Ability 100
Delivery Lead Time Negotiable

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Features & Specifications

It detects radar waves in k, x and laser band. They are made in Japan, solar and 12V car adapter powered. We test them with real police car radar, and this model works up to 3000 m range.

- automatic sens and senzitivity selection
- police 407 frequency(where avaible)
- automatic shut down in three minutes after the car stops
- automatic start up when the car is being started
- no false alarms
- up to 3 months without recharge(summer time, daylight use)
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