Spiny Dogfish Trunk

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Model No.3432232-22
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification

We have stock (18 TM) of spiny Dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) Trunk Frozen 1-4 kgs. Ready for shipment, origin Chile, whith CEE certification, skin off, IWP IQF frozen system. see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/spiny-dogfish-trunk-526-3555.htm
Ribbon Fish
Ribbon FishFillet or Whole Round, we can provide you with this product in bulk quantity
Oil fish
Oil fishWe currently have 300mt of oil fish. We sell h&g whole oil fish. Minimum order is one container of 24mt. Buyers please inquire within. Thank you.
MackerelMulti-size, low price 60-65pcs per carton 10kg per carton
SeaweedScientific name: Codium fragile Dried codium fragile Sizes: From 10cm to 20cm A codium fragile collected from all over south korea. Wild codium fragile was dried during a day by seaward. If you are in
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Rock LobsterRock lobster ranging from 600g to 2000g
Baja California Abalon Shells
Baja California Abalon ShellsWe are offering pacific ocean/baja california abalon sea shells, only big sizes, as removed from sea, just cleaned but no more work on it the size range is 6 to 10 inchs long, good tickness Make me an
Fish Maw
Fish MawProduct name: Catfish maw Size:10-80 pcs per kg Availble qtty:500kg Regular qtty:2 tons every month Packing: B. B 20kg Origin: Yemen
Octopus, Cuttle Fish, Squid, Shrimp Raw & Blanched
Octopus, Cuttle Fish, Squid, Shrimp Raw & BlanchedWe can supply you Frozen Cuttle fish, Squid, Octopus And Shrimp Details as follows:- Frozen Cuttle Fish Whole Round And Cleaned Size. U/50, 50/100, 100/150, 150/300, 300/500, 500/700, 700/1000, 10
Squid Shred
Squid ShredMaterials: Fresh peru squid fillets and wings, deep in sea, without pollution Products: Squid shred Spec.:10g,20g,30g,50g,80g,110g etc. Benefits: Good to human Main market: Russia, korea
Dried Eucheuma Spinosum
Dried Eucheuma SpinosumDried Seaweed - Eucheuma Spinosum Moisture Content:38% max Total Foreign matter:3 % max Port of Origin: Cebu, Philippines Price and sample: Per request
Conch Meat
Conch MeatFresh/frozen conch meat in large quantities from the carribbean. Packed in 5 pounds boxes. Origin HONDURAS, meat is 100 % clean, please ask for any information about this product, Price C&f CHINA 7.90
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