Spent Grains For Animal Feeds / Fertilizer Mix

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Model No.SG-BF05
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

We can supply and export fresh Spent Grains derived from the brewery process of Beer originally available in Lao PRD for upto 20 Tons per day for Animal Feed or Fertilizer Additives. For further info. on price, quality and sample product please contact us for the best quote.
 see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/spent-grains-for-animal-feeds-fertilizer-mix-5125-16881.htm
L-Lysine HCl
L-Lysine HClFeatures: 1) Appearance: pale granules 2) Color: light brown 3) Content: ≥98.5% 4) Loss on drying: ≤1.0% 5) Ammonium (as NH4): 0.04% 6) Heavy metals: ≤0.003% 7) Specific opti
feed additive
feed additiveOur output for corn starch is over 1.6 million mts, corn gluten meal Is 120,000mts,corn gluten feed is 250,000mts, corn germ Cake is 100,000mts, Inositol is 1300mts, modified starch is 500,000mts, cor
DL-Carnitine HCI
DL-Carnitine HCIFeatures: White crystalline powder Quality specification: feed grade Packing: fiber drum Content: >=99% Loss on drying:
Cottonseed Meal
Cottonseed MealSpecifications: 1) Moisture:
Corn Gluten Meal
Corn Gluten MealIt is widely used in the feed industry. We can manufacture products based on the demands of customers. Specifications: 1) Protein content: ≥65% (dry basis) 2) Water: ≤10% Packing: 25kg (40kg
EthoxyquineCAS no.: 91-53-2 Ethoxyquine 95% oil specifications: 1) Ethoxyquin content: 95% (min.) 2) P-phenetidine: 1.00% (max.) 3) Heavy metals (Pb): 0.001% (max.) 4) Arsenide (As): 0.0003% (max.) 5) Appearanc
POLYDIALLYL DIMETHYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDE(PDADMAC)POLYDIALLYL DIMETHYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDE 1. Technical indexes ITEMS INDEXES Appearance Non-or light yellow color, Viscous liquid Content, % 40±2 or 50±2 PH 5 ~ 7 Density, g/cm3 (25°C)
Complex Phosphoesterasum for Piglets
Complex Phosphoesterasum for PigletsTo improve the performance trait of piglets; Raise the digesting and utilizing ratio of nutrient substance in feedstuff and reduce The breeding cost; Decrease the occurrence rate of intestinal dis
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NM Protein Feed
NM Protein FeedInstruction: NM Protein Feed is Full Corn Citric Acid Feed, It's a mycelial protein apart form corn when produce citrice acid by aspergillus zymosis. And strict according to scientific formula confect
Alkaline Protease
Alkaline ProteaseProperty and application: this product help big molecule protein hydrolyzes into dissociative amino acid. It is intensively applied in enzyme aided washing agent, leather dehairing and help silk come
hatching and feeding system
hatching and feeding systemWe supply full hatching machine and system,and we supply the auto feeding system.It'scoorperate with our national research institution.

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