slit lamp

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Model No.LYL-1
Place Of Originchina
Brand Namediscretion
Packagingexport carton
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C,T/T
Supply Ability100 Piece/Pieces per Month
Minimum Order2 Piece/Pieces
Delivery Lead Time5-7 days

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Features & Specification

Model  LYL-I & LYL-ID                                          Total Magnification ;10X  , 20X    4X ~ 18X Objective magnification: 1X,2X0.4X ~ 1.8X(Zoom objective)Working distance: 105mm  100mm  maging Pixels      0.47 million (795X596) 1.3M pixSignal Output(for LYL-ID)  Video Signals, USB Digital Signals  Analyze Software (for LYL-ID)  PHMIAS 2003  Type of Microscopes Converging Stereoscope, Inter-pupil Distance 55 to 75mm  Wide-angle eyepiece WF10X Eyepiece magnification: 10X, linear field-of-view number:Φ2  Slit Width: 0 ~ 10mm Continuously Adjustable  Slit Height: 1 ~ 8mm Continuously Adjustable  Slit Angle: 360° Continuously Adjustable Slit Inclination Angle  Elevation 0 ~ 20°, Left and Right -6° ~ +6° Slit horizontal Revolving Angle: Angle of Left and Right Revolving 30°  Light Spot Diameter: Φ0.2, Φ1, Φ2, Φ4, Φ6, Φ8, Φ10Continuously Adjustable  Filter: Heat Absorption, Grey, Redfree, Cobalt blue  Illumination Bulb: 12V30W Halogen Bulb  Input Voltage: 220V/50HZ   (110V/60HZ)  Watch Bulb: Wine LED  Range of  Rise or Drop of Slipway: 0 ~ 30mm  Move Range of  Slipway Left and Right: 105mm, Front and Back: 85mm  Fluctuate Move Range of  Jaw Part: 50mm see product details:
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