Slit Lamp

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Model No. RSL-2(Max)
Origin Place India
Brand Name RM
Price Terms EXW, FOB, C&F
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 50 per month
Delivery Lead Time Negotiable

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Features & Specifications


Binocular Microscope
Eye Pieces : 10x, 15x
Objective : 1x, 1. 6x
Total Magnification : 10x, 16x and 24x
Slit Image Rotation : 0deg to 180deg.
Tilting Illuminationupto : 20deg.
Filter Disc. : Cobalt Filter, Green Filter, Yellow Filter, Natural density and open aperture
Slit Disphragm Disc : Six apertures of 12, 9, 7, 3 and 0. 2mm and wedge shaped diaphragm for
Infinitely variable slit lengths.
Halogen Lamp : 6 Volt 20 Watts
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