Self-cleaning Toilet System

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Model No.110
Place Of OriginIrvine, CA, USA
Brand NamePuricle 110
CertificationsFully Certified
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Supply AbilityAlways in stock
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Never scrub is the only self-cleaning toilet system that treats the water in the bowl where stains occur. Most systems only treat the water in the tank. That water gets flushed and does very little to prevent stains in your bowl. Never scrub attaches to your toilet in seconds and can last 4-6 months. see product details:
AjaxAjax 1 L all purpose cleaner, several sorts
Washing Up Liquid
Washing Up LiquidWe can offer washing up liquid in any fragrances and colours as only our customer may request.It is possibility to negotiate size and bottle design, art work and label project under private name.
Liby Super-Cleaning Fragrant Laundry Powder
Liby Super-Cleaning Fragrant Laundry Powder  This washing powder contains a super cleaning gene that dissolves easilyand is soft on garments. It leaves clothes with a fragrant smell, and issuitable for both hand and machine washing. Free
laundry powder
laundry powder      The product is highly biodegradable, low toxic, non-harmful to skin and fabric, and has a high detergent powder and foaming capacity.It can protect both the environment
Color Speckle
Color SpeckleSpecification: Item Index Appearance Uniform color speckle Odor No special odor Water content and volatile
Reward Washing Liqude
Reward Washing LiqudeFeature: Concentrated formula with strong detergent ability. Washing liquid is formulatedwith kinds of enzyme to remove especially stains. The neutral formula wasmade without phosphate aluminum and al
High Density Fiberboard
High Density FiberboardFeatures: 1) Made from wooden or other plant fiber 2) Processed with suitable sizing agents 3) These fiberboards are premium panels compared to other various wood-based panels 4) Excellent chara
cleaner liquid
cleaner liquidFeatures: Item No:2252 Item Name:laundry liquid Weight:35g Packing: 150 bags/ctn Ctn mea:0.014cbm
Washing Powder
Washing PowderIt is no-phosphor washing powder. Active matter 30% It contains detergent enzymes, and has disinfect and bleaching effct It is the stain champion and has flower perfume. It mostly sell in Japan's mar
Coconut Diethanol Amide
Coconut Diethanol AmideCDEA (6501)has good wetting, cleaning, dispersing, resistance to hard water and antistatic performances. Especially, it has perfect thickening, foaming, foam-stablizing and derusting abilities. Compou
Multi-Function Detergent
Multi-Function DetergentWhole new formulas, go to dirty dint to strengthen, this article can seep into decorous grease stain inner part quickly, making its decomposition become the liquid of easy clearance, automatic clearan
Blue Alkali Protease Speckle for Washing Powder
Blue Alkali Protease Speckle for Washing PowderWe can supply blue alkali protease speckle for washing powder (red, green, and so on). Product specification: Item: index Odor: no peculiar smell Enzyme activity: 5,000 - 20,000µg Loss on dry

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