Second Hand PP Woven Bags Plant

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Model No.Starlinger
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

We have for sell a complete plant for PP woven bags type STARLINGER. Extruder, Weaving machines, Cutters, Printer & Press, capacity of 30 000 000 bags per year. Also PE Extruder, printer & Cutter. The Machines are manufactured 2002 and only be used for 3 years. Very good condition.
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Pick N Pick Loom
Pick N Pick LoomPICK N PICK LOOM Reed Space: 24", 30", 36", 45", 52", 56", 60", 64", 68", 72". Shuttle Box: 2x2 and 4x4 Shedding: Tappet, Dobby and Jacqurd Shedding Takeup: 7 Wheel Takeup Mechanism
Powerlooms Machinery
Powerlooms MachineryHello, i am selling old & new textile machinery like embroidery machine, schiffli, water jet, dyeing & printing machinery and all type of textile machinery. . If you are interested to know more detail
Sulzer P7100 Terry Looms
Sulzer P7100 Terry LoomsRef. PVC-1377 12 nos. Sulzer P7100 B390 F2 SP D1 Terry towel looms Yoc 1989 Serial nos. Above 113 000 Working width: 3900 mm Twin beams Electr. Staubli dobby 2035, 18 shafts 12 heald frames 5000 dropp
Ceramic Grooved Guide
Ceramic Grooved GuideFeatures: 1. Material: 99 aluminum oxide ceramics 2. Application: used in a wide range of textile and chemical fiber weaving machines 3. Long service life, high hardness, high-gloss polish, good wear
Raipier Looms
Raipier LoomsModel: SLT718 Features: Integrating the features of rapier looms of Model SLT747 and other imported and domestic rapier looms, Model SLT718 rapier loom is specially designed for weaving of heavy fabri
1511 (1x1) , (1x4) -52, 56, 110 Used / Reconditioned Shuttle Loom
1511 (1x1) ,  (1x4) -52, 56, 110 Used / Reconditioned Shuttle LoomWe deal with used / reconditioned shuttle loom around year, its model as follow; 1511 (1x1) , (1x4) -52'', 56'' used / recondiationed shuttle loom with single top rails 1515 (1x1) -110" used / recon
Weaving Machine
Weaving Machine3 machines (1993 and 2 x 1995) Topmot and Fullmot 8 colors 4 accumulators Roj quartz HT 20 / 20 and 20 / 16 Fimtessile 1 x RD810 and 2 x RD840 Total: 28 frames 6 cloth roller 5 beams These looms ae
Hj738 Rapier Loom
Hj738 Rapier LoomThis machine primarily be applicable to weave the cotton, blended yarn etc. its containments to the dobbys ability of every kind of coloured yarn, whole machine is equipped with 16 pieces of heald fra
Muller Label Weaving Machine Mbjl 1 / 1150
Muller Label Weaving Machine Mbjl 1 / 1150Jacquard 1536 Hooks Useful 1200 Hooks, 8 Colors, width 100 cms Taffeta 5 Repeats Harness Spring Pull Down Year 2002. Total 3 machines.
Sulzer Loom
Sulzer Loom7 sulzer looms tw11. Machines are in perfect conditions.
Somet Alpha Wider Width Looms
Somet Alpha Wider Width LoomsN 6 SOMET ALFA looms, YOC 2004. Master-Slave bilateral twin beam version (convertible in a simple type) with standard junctions. Width 4200mm, electronic weft selector 8 colours. Fimtessile Electronic
Velvet Loom / Carpet Loom
Velvet Loom / Carpet LoomTechnical specifications of velvet loom/carpet loom Reed space 112 cms to 305 cms Reed type fix Type hand side right/left Frame the complete frame of loom is fitted with the dowell pin at different jo

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