Second Hand PP Woven Bags Plant

Trade Terms & Business Information for Second Hand PP Woven Bags Plant:

Model No.Starlinger
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

We have for sell a complete plant for PP woven bags type STARLINGER. Extruder, Weaving machines, Cutters, Printer & Press, capacity of 30 000 000 bags per year. Also PE Extruder, printer & Cutter. The Machines are manufactured 2002 and only be used for 3 years. Very good condition.
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Toyoda Sulzer Weaving Loom
Toyoda Sulzer Weaving LoomSingle Color Tappet Motion Year: 1977 With all standard accessories and center tucking unit. Price:------ US $ 12, 500 Each Ex Mill Floor Neogtiable Please contact us for more information.
Cam For Loom
Cam For Loomshedding cam for various kinds of air-jet looms, water-jet looms.high quality and low price
Rapier towel loom
Rapier towel loomUSAGE This rapier towel loom is mainly used for weaving satin or jacquard towel fiberssuch as loop towel, tea cloth,bath towel,floor towel with cotton yarn as their materials. SPECIFICATIONS YL2000
Gripper Head
Gripper HeadThe main products made by us in the market are GTM series, GTM/AS,GTM GM series,6100 6200 6300,FAST,TP500,TP600,C401,P401,SM93,753,South Korean HR2000,GA74 series silk and cotton hilt, special GA74 gl
Rapier Loom
Rapier LoomFeatures: 1) Reed width: 180cm (74"), 200cm (78"), 230cm (90"), 250cm (98"), 280cm (110"), 330cm (130"), 340cm (133"), 360cm (141") 2) Rotation speed: 210 - 130rpm 3) Weft selection: 6 colors 4)
Water jet loom
Water jet loomZhanwang water jet loom is a new type of loom improved and innovated by JapanessTsudakoma water jet loom professionally and is a new generation of loom suitablefor weaving nylon, polyester yarn and ot
High Speed Shuttleless Needle Loom
High Speed Shuttleless Needle LoomFeatures: 1) Special for knitted strips 2) More reasonable structure 3) High productivity, low power consumption 4) The fixed devices are safe and reliable 5) The speed for feeding woof is multi-ste
Computerized Narrow Fabric Jacquard Loom
Computerized Narrow Fabric Jacquard Loom1, Adopts computer draw and design system, cooperating with the computer, the machine and the control interface are separetly, adopt3.5 inch U disk Chinese data input system, containand embroider
Rapier Loom (SLT748)
Rapier Loom (SLT748)Features: 1) Reed width (m): 1.65, 1.9, 2.1, 2.3, 2.6, 2.8, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8, 4, 4.2, 4.6 2) Weft Insertion speed: 700 - 1,000m/min 3) Loom speed: 280 - 350n/min 4) Weft selection: 8 (electronic con
Rapier Heads for Japanese Style Looms
Rapier Heads for Japanese Style LoomsThese rapier heads are widely installed in Japanese rapier looms. The compatiblemodels are Ishikawa725, Ishikawa-F2001, and Ishikawa1001, etc. We are a producer and an exporter of textile machinery r
Beam, Spool, Rapier Wheel, Impeller
Beam, Spool, Rapier Wheel, ImpellerWe can supply many kinds of rapier wheels, and beams for rapier looms.
High Speed Shuttles Needle Loom
High Speed Shuttles Needle LoomFeatures: 1) Applicable to manufacture curtain belts, slide fastener belts, elasticity belts, shoes belts, cases belts, medical belts, automobile security belts 2) The materials are silk, cotton,

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