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Model No.80621-81-4
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Rifaximin CAS No. 80621-81-4 Appearance: A nacarat powder Specification: Not less than 95.0% Standard Packaging: 5kgs/tin; 25kgs/drum see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/rifaximin-4116-79759.htm
Mestanolone ( Proviron ) steroid powder
Mestanolone ( Proviron ) steroid powderMestanolone ( Proviron ) steroid powderCAS :521-11-9 EINECS 208-302-6 Content: 98% powderMolecular formula: C20H32O2 molecular weight: 304.4669 boiling point : 416.1°C at 760 mmHg package : foil bag .
Nandrolone Decanoate Steroid Powder
Nandrolone Decanoate Steroid PowderNandrolone Decanoate Steroid PowderMolecular Formula:C28H44O3Molecular weight: 428.65CAS NO.: 360-70-3Appearance:White Or Almost White Crystalline PowderStandard:USP28; BP2
Nandrolone phenylpropionate
Nandrolone phenylpropionateNandrolone phenylpropionate Molecular Formula: C27H34O3Molecular weight: 406.56CAS NO.: 62-90-8Appearance: white or almost white crystalline powderMP: 93~99℃Standard: USP31/BP2007packing:
Testosterone Enanthate Steroid Powder
Testosterone Enanthate Steroid PowderTestosterone Enanthate Steroid Powder Molecular Formula: C26H40O3 Molecular Weight: 400.6 CAS: 315-37-7 EINECS: 206-253-5 Melting point: 34-39°CAssay: 99%Packaging:foil bag
Testosterone Acetate Steroid Powder
Testosterone Acetate Steroid PowderTestosterone Acetate Steroid PowderCAS NO: 1045-69-8Assay: 99%Appearance: White crystalline powderPackage: Foil bagDensity:1.12g/cm³Boiling Point: 441.803℃ at760mmHgFlash point:192
Testosterone Undecanoate
Testosterone UndecanoateTestosterone Undecanoate Molecular Formula: C30H48O3Molecular weight: 456.70CAS NO.: 5949-44-0Assay: 97.0%~103.0%Standard: CP2000packing:foil bagDensity:1.03g/cm³Boiling Point:550.7͍
Testosterone-Sustanon250Testosterone-Sustanon250 CAS No: 68924-89-0Formula: C104H152O12Molecular Weight: 1594.31248Synonyms: Sustanon prolongatum;Parabolan;Sustanon 250;Durateston Usage: Probably the most used steroid in tod
Testosterone Propionate Steroid Powder 
Testosterone Propionate Steroid Powder Testosterone Propionate Steroid Powder Molecular Weight:344.49Molecular Formula:C22H32O3CAS NO:57-85-2Formula:C22H32O3  Molecular Weight:344.49Appearance: white crystallineMelting point
Testosterone Phenylpropionate
Testosterone PhenylpropionateTestosterone Phenylpropionate Molecular Formula:C28H36O3Molecular weight: 420.58CAS NO: 1255-49-8Appearance:white crystalline powderDensity:1.13g/cm³Boiling Point:54
MethyltestosteroneMethyltestosterone MF:C20H30O2MW:302.45CAS:58-18-4Density:1.1g/cm³Melting point:162-168℃ Boiling Point:434.4℃ at760mmHgFlash Point:185.3℃Solubility:≤0.5 mg/mlAppe
Mesterolone Steroid Powder
Mesterolone Steroid PowderMesterolone Steroid PowderMF:C20H32O2MW:304.47CAS: 1424-00-6Appearance: white powderDensity:1.064g cm³Melting Point:191℃Boiling Point:461.1℃ at 766mmHgFlashing Point:177.6
17alpha-Methyl-1-testosterone17alpha-Methyl-1-testosteroneAlias:MetandrenCAS No.:65-04-3Molecular formula:C20H30O2Molecular weight:302.45Quality standard:melting point: 146~154°C Residue On Ignition:0.05%Loss On Drying:0.1

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