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Model No. RVA Super 3
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Features & Specifications

The Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) is the most effective instrument available today for determining the cooked viscous properties of starch, grain, flour and foods... Designed from the ground up to make viscometric data acquisition simple

The instrument will analyse as little as two or three grams of sample using your own tailor-made profiles of mixing, measuring, heating and cooling.

Throughout the test, data may be downloaded to your PC, and at completion automatically analysed in the way that makes sense to you.

RVA Applications:

1. Amaranth
2. Baking
3. Barley Storage
4. Batter
5. Brewing (Barley)
6. Buckwheat
7. Cellulase Activity
8. Comparison of RVA and Falling No 9. Comparison of RVA and. Visco/Amylo/Graph
10. Corn Masa
11. Custard
12. Extrusion and Processed 12. Products
13. Flour Milling
14. Fungal Amylase
15. General Information
16. Gluten (Wheat)
17. Grain Hardness
18. Malting (Barley)
19. Noodles (Wheat)
20. Oats
21. Paper Starches
22. Pasta
23. Potato Starch
24. Rice
25. Rye Flour
27. Sorghum
28. Soup
29. Soybeans and Tofu
30. Soy Sauce
31. Sprout Testing (Rain Damage)
32. Starch - Annealed
33. Starch - Damaged
34. Starch - Manufacture and Use
35. Starch Noodles
36. Steamed Bread
37. Tapioca/Cassava
38. Unleavened Breads and Flour Tortilla

Salient Features of RVA

1. Full heat-hold-cool pasting curves in 13 minutes
2. Determines amylase activity in 3 minutes.
3. Approved international standard testing methods.
4. Fully automated Powerful and flexible software
5. Programmable multipoint temperature control Linear ramped heating and cooling up to 14 degree C/min.
6. Programmable multipoint variable shear control Viscosity in fundamental and traceable units.
7. Micro-processor controlled Stand alone or computer controlled operation Robust design for use from the laboratory to the factory floor

Approved standard methods for use with the RVA, are listed below:

1. Determination of the pasting properties of rice with the Rapid Visco-Analyser. AACC Method 61-02.

2. Stirring Number Determination with the Rapid Visco Analyser. AACC Method 22-08.

3. General Pasting Method for Wheat or Rye Flour using the Rapid Visco Analyser. AACC Method 76-21.

4. Determination of the Stirring Number using the Newport Rapid Visco Analyser, as a measure of the degree of alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour. ICC Standard No.162.

5. Rapid Pasting Method using the Newport Rapid visco Analyser. ICC Standard No.162.

6. Stirring Number Method for Determination of Alpha-Amylase Activity.

7.1995. Determination of the pasting Properties of Rice with the Rapid Visco Analyser.
 product detailed reference: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/rapid-visco-analyser-459034-249.htm

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