Rainwater Harvesting Layout

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Model No. Dec 2006 / Jan 2007
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Features & Specifications

Rainwater harvesting layout as additional sources of water that cab be connected on good rainy day on-line to meet the water demand integrating with water treatment. 

A layout which is designed to meet for harvest the rainwater to collect and removes the undesirable dirt etc. and store / recharge / replenish water source, contents the rainwater harvesting. It depends on the amount of rainfall, size of collection area, storage capacities, and the demand of water use.
In industries where water is required in processing of products and or as a raw material, it is of more concern to them to manage the water sources in comprehensive manner and emphasis on rainwater to collect and stored as well to recharge the ground water.
For any residential complex / individual buildings / institutional complex; the rainwater harvesting design & layout and inputs for the safe storage cum supply of quality & quantity of water and to replenish of the groundwater resources for the sustainability; which is professional input based. There are many innovative approaches / designs that should be incorporated in the layouts to make it multipurpose in the eco-friendly environment.
 product detailed reference: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/rainwater-harvesting-layout-4637-65395.htm

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