Pro1500, Coffee Roaster

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Model No.PRO1500
Place Of OriginSouth Korea, 10127103
PackagingExport Standard Packing
Price TermsFOB Korea USD 5300~23000
Payment TermsL/C,T/T
Minimum Order1 Set/Sets
Delivery Lead Time4weeks

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Features & Specification

coffe_roaster: roasting


No Smoke : built in Smoke Elimination.
No Gas : electric  power only applied Halogen Light Heater.
No Technical Training : Just plug in and roast.
Compact Size : can be installed on counter top.
Built in Digital Scale : weighs beans and informs processor chip.
Auto Mode : pre-set at Factory.
Manual Mode : programmable by user.
Diagnostic Program : to test all functions.
Error Messages : for incorrect use and component failure.
Accurate Roast : �1�C / � 1 sec. Tolerance.
IMEX Patented : patented IMEX unique temperature
Control based on bean temperature
Roasted bean: cooling in the Bean DrawerContinuous Roasting till 6 times and  One Touch Cleaning
Twin Temperature Sensors : for Roasting Control and Safety.
Water quenching system for aroma increasing, fire extinguishing  and smoke elimination, when discharging beans.
The most advanced digital coffee roaster for commercial use
New concept roasting in New PRO-1500POWER
As an world market leader, "PRO 1500 POWER" digital coffee bean roaster is designed by new concept in the coffee bean roaster for the professional business of roasted coffee service shop.

"Digirosto PRO-1500 POWER" models which are new concept of coffee roasting machine for the professional business of roasted coffee service shop, have cubic (Rectangular box) type outlook which are totally different with the traditional coffee roaster in shape which looks like similar in shape for over 10 decades and also it have simple and modern style outlook. (It is designed by KIDP under ministry of commerce, industry and energy.)  
That is, it is designed as counter top type and can install at any place and make it possible to roast green bean immediately by just plug in electric power and do not need additional equipments and there is no fume and also does not has  odor during green bean roasting so that you can enjoy mystic feeling.
If you want to operate roaster at the automatic mode, input weight same as  electronic scale and select kind of green beans according to the color of it and set up color grade of coffee bean which you desire and all the rest of the operations can be done by the computerized program. The creation method of taste which seeks by the POWER model is realized by adapt the existing  halogen heater of the previous model which can perform accurate roasting of the green bean and additionally adapt auxiliary heater for the outside of the drum so that it can maintain the advantage of the old style roaster and make the oil inside of the coffee bean can be released and produce deep coffee taste with profound caramel flavor and keeping aroma of bean.


Roasting Capacity : Auto : 700~1500g (1.54~3.3 lbs) of green bean, Manual : 150 ~ 1500g (0.33~3.3lbs.)

Roasting Time : Roasting:15min./Cooling:3min 30second(medium). (1,500g at 20 ambient temperature)

Roasting Scheme:Drum stir

Heating:Halogen Light Heater
Control :
  1. 3 Mode Control ( Auto Manual Cleaning)
  2. Fully auto control by 16KB programmed memories
  3. 12 type of roasting color choice
 4. Auto input weight, voltage, room temperature
 5. Select bean size :Easy setting for manual use.
     Unit measures the weight of beans prior to operation.
Frame: front-plastic trimmed and body, color case or stainless steel case.
Basic equipped electronic scale 5kgs on the top.Front delivery roasted bean and chaff collecting. Upper loading bean. Roast and cool in drum. Full auto processing for Roast & Delivery. Mini size Smoke Killer without extensional ventilation.
Power Consumption:120v, 200v, 220v, 230v, AC 3200W
Size (L x W x H):W395 x D530 x H582 mm (W15.5 x D20.8 x H22.9 inch) (+ Chimney H400 )
Weight:about 50kgs (110lbs)


1. Roasting Volume  700~1500g (1.54~3.3 lbs.)
This device can roast various volumes of coffee necessary at convenience with the Electronic Weight Scale.
2.Easy Install to Counter Top 
This Device is smaller and lighter than any other similar category roaster. This Device can be installed easily on the counter top.

3.Full Digital Operation
* The Device is excellent for Franchise Business Network.

4.Super Electric Power Saving and Energy Conservation

5.Perfect Smoke Elimination

6.Voltage Compensation Program
7.No Gas Used; Only Halogen Heater* Perfect Roast to Espresso Coffee also!

8.Nice Design and Easy Use* Free Accurate Electronic Weight Scale!

9.Roast Safety

10.Three Modes Operation
As operating method, this Device has the AUTO mode of the computer operation, the MANUAL mode of the data manual input, and the Cleanning mode of the separated processing operation.
This Device can be used easily not only for demonstration by rotating the drum, but also for the roasting test and study of professional coffee experts.

11.Best Price

12.Warranty see product details:
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