Potato 3797

Trade Terms & Business Information for Potato 3797:

Model No.CC-1001
Place Of OriginINDIA
Brand NamePotato - 3797
Packaging10 - 50 Kgs. Bag
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C,T/T,M/T,D/D,D/P
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Potato - 3797,Best quality in indian market see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/potato-3797-270337-43355.htm
PotatoYellow potatoes of very good quality. Size:80-200 gms. Packed in 25 kgs gunny bags. Colour: Light yellow Payment:30% T/T in advance,70% T/T after shipment and before sending original shipping document
Tapioca (Manioc / Cassava) Chips and Pellets
Tapioca (Manioc / Cassava) Chips and PelletsTapioca Chips are chopped, sun-dried cassava mainly used in alcohol and animal feed production. Tapioca Pellets (Hard Pellets and Residue Pellets) are made from either tapioca chips or residues of st
Frozen Steamed Sweet Potato
Frozen Steamed Sweet PotatoSweet Potato are produced in China. They are widely used in manufacturing Wine and Snack. The main buyers come from Korea and Japan.
potatoPotato Offer: We are SMATrading Company, One of the Leading Egyptian Companies in the field of Agriculture production and Exporting, we supply all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We would like to pre
Fresh potatoes
Fresh potatoesWe can supply Class A, fresh potatoes, in 10 differnt varieties, sizes from 30 to 100(depending on the variety and the crop). For further information please feel free to contact us.
PotatoWe are the growers of fresh potato from pakistan. We can supply hand picked potato with less starch level ideal for french fries. Currently Supplying on of the leading french Fries company in iran. Pa
PotatoWe are smatrading company, one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of agriculture production and exporting, we supply all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We would like to present our new P
Tapioca Chips (Cassava)
Tapioca Chips (Cassava)Our company provides a large amount of Indonesian cassava or tapioca chips every year. We are known as the biggest and the most reliable dried Tapioca Chips supplier in Indonesia. Generally, this prod
Egyptian Fresh Potato
Egyptian Fresh PotatoOrigin: Egypt Varaities: Spontta, kara, rosetta, nicola, diamante Packing: 25 KG New PP bags Jampo bags 1000 KG Jampo bags 1250 KG Shipping: Container reefer 40 feet takes 24 MT No of 25 KG bags 96
PotatoItem Name: Potato Country Of Origin: Egypt
PotatoesOrigin: Egypt Varaities: Spontta,Kara, rosetta,Nicola,Diamante Packing: 25 KG New PP Bags Jampo Bags 1000 KG Jampo Bags 1250 KG Shipping: Container reefer 40 feet takes 24 MT No of 25 KG bags 960
Fresh Potato
Fresh PotatoFresh potato-size 4cm-6cm, origin-india

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