Pex Tubing For Radiant Heating And Drinking Water

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Model No.BPR1250/NPB1250
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

PEX Tubing is one of today's most popular products used for hot / cold water plumbing and radiant heating.
It is the least expensive to buy, the fastest to install and as reliable as metal pipes.
With a variety of sizes, it can be used almost for any plumbing project-residential or commercial.
 see product details:
PEX-AL-PEX Pipe1. The aluminum-plastic compound tube's inner and outer layers are both of PEX, clean, no-pollutant, smooth 2. Little liquid resistance, uneasy-fouling, non-polluted liquid but making large efficient
Single-Hole Pipe (SVSY-110/103)
Single-Hole Pipe (SVSY-110/103)1.Protect and guide communication cable; 2.Good pressure-resistance and ageing-resistance; 3.Complete standards,varied combinations; 4.New structure,save space; 5.Good toughness,free curvature; 6.Work
Air Hose
Air HoseFeatures:1)Materials:PE,PU,PVC. 2) Size: 1/4"x25ft1/4"x50ft3/8"x25ft3/8"x50ft 3) Colors: Orange, Blue, Red, Transparent 4) Connections: USA Type, Euro Type, Japan
UPVC Pipe1) Material: polyvinyl chloride2) Applications: drainage system, irrigation
PP-R Fibre Composite Pipe
PP-R Fibre Composite PipeFeatures: 1) Dimensions: 20 - 63mm, PN20, PN16 2) Standard color: green 3) Brand name: DISMY Properties: 1) Linear expansion: same as for Stabi composite 2) Flow rate: same as for Stabi composite
FRP Pipes
FRP PipesFeatures: 1) Application: store and transport various chemical liquid in chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, mechanical, water drain 2) Made from polyvinyl chloride and fiber reinfor
PVC Double Wall And Spiral Drainpipe
PVC Double Wall And Spiral DrainpipePVC double wall and spiral drainpipes effectively reduces noise.
Water Supply Pipe
Water Supply PipeWe have many water supply pipes with sizes from 50 to 500.
PVC shrink tube 3
PVC shrink tube 3PVC shrink tube is widely used in packing electrolytic capacitor, the transformercoils, inductance coils, cables, batteries,and so on.It will shrink when it isheating.
Pex pipe with EVOH
Pex pipe with EVOH3-layers:1.Pex inner layer 2.Adhesive layers 3 Evoh oxygen barrier layerThe Advantages:1.Corrosion,especially resistance to electrochemical corrosion2.Low heat dissipation and friction loss3.Thermal m
Transparent PVC Tube
Transparent PVC TubeThe tube is made of transparent PVC material, the material is environment protection grade. The tube is used to packing fishing pole. It can also be used to packing else. Size: outer dia. 25mm, 30mm,
Hose Series(YY-408-105)
Hose Series(YY-408-105) Packing: Blister Card250pcs GW:8kgs59x34x27cm

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