Parker Neem Cake

Trade Terms & Business Information for Parker Neem Cake:

Model No.11096
Place Of OriginSouth India
CertificationsSGS , Government of India Organic certification
Price TermsFOB South India USD 350
Payment TermsL/C,D/P
Supply Ability300 MT
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Parker Neem Cake as an Organic Fertilizer:

Neem has shown great promise as a potential fertilizer. Neem cakes and neem leaves can be used for this purpose. The neem cake seem to have unique promise as a fertilizer. The dual activity of Neem cake as fertilizer and pest repellent, has made it a favoured input. It is widely used to fertilize cash crops. When it is ploughed into the soil it also protects plant roots from nematodes, white ants and other soil insects..

Parker Neem Cake is an organic by product of Neem Seed Oil production.

Nutrient Content of Parker Neem Cake:
Organic matter:90 to 95 %
Nitrogen:1.50 to 2.5 %
Phosphorous:0.50 to 1.0 %
Potassium:1.25 to 1.5%
Calcium:0.75 to 1.0%
Magnesium 0.75%
Sulphur:1.2 to 1.5 %

Acts as a Fertilizer, Nitrification Inhibitor &Pest Repellent

Protects the roots of crops from Nematodes, White ants, Fungi, Bacteria & other soil insects.

Eco-Friendly Advantages:

It is a totally organic plant food which increases productivity and soil fertility. Application of the Neem seed cake to crops provides them with various nutrients. It prevents and treats ailment disorders of plants due to lack or imbalance of Nutritious and trace elements.

It also helps in increasing the uptake of nutrients by plants.

Neem Cake is active in increasing the growth, leafage, results in rich blossoming, strengthening the roots and improving the general appearance & quality of fruits & vegetables.

Besides this the Neem seed cake also reduces the number of soil insect pests, fungi, bacteria and nematodes and protects the crop from damage caused by these organisms.

Neem seed cake can also reduce alkalinity in the soil by producing organic acids when mixed with the soil. The calcium and magnesium present in Neem cake also aid in removing alkalinity.

Abolishing of chemical fertilizers in tea gardens, mentha & other herb/fodder crops, fruits & vegetables which after processing is consumed by humans & live stock; had helped neem cake to come in limelight globally for its negligible-traces in vegetation.

It is an excellent Nitrification Inhibitor. It reduces the nitrification rate by curbing the activity of nitrifying bacteria like Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter which ensures control release of nitrogen and continuous availability of nitrogen to the crop during critical stage of crop growth. Hence by coating or blending on chemical fertilizer (UREA, DAP etc. ) consumption of these fertilizer can be reduced upto 30 %

Neem Cake helps in increasing the soil microbial population.
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