Pampanga's Best

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Place Of Originphilippine
Brand NamePampangas Best
CertificationsDOH, AAA,GMP, HACCP
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T,CASH
Supply Abilityon stocks
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Pampangas Best Pork Tocino
Pampangas Best Skinless Longaniza
Pampangas Best Native Longaniza
Pampangas Best Hamonado Longaniza
Pampangas Best Bacon
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Frozen IQF Scallops 1 / 2 Shell
Frozen IQF Scallops 1 / 2 ShellWe offer Frozen IQF Scallops 1 / 2 shell, in individual packing. 12 units per plastic bags, 144 units per master Box. Available a container each 45 / 60 days. Posibility to mix with other frozen seafo
Frozen Snow Crab Leg Portion
Frozen Snow Crab Leg PortionRaw material: Russia, Alaska, Canadian origin Snow Crab and King carb Usages: For Hot-Pot, Japanese style Shabu-Shabu For restaurants and retail. Packing style: Any style as per buyer's spec.
Reef Cod
Reef CodIt is a Dotted (Spotted) Grouper Epinephelus Dicanthus-is normally know as Six-barred Reef Cod (Spinycheeck) (in India) We can supply in a season of Oct-Dec of about 4, 000Tons in Temp: -20 Degree C
ShaomaiSmall steamed dumpling with chicken meat, Chinese parsley and chopped carrot inside a thin wheat-flour wrapper and topped off with fish roe. Very tasty and delicious. Consist of 15pcs / pack.
Pizza Pastry
Pizza PastryHalf-moons shaped pizza pastry stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, grated cheese, salt and species. Very good as snack and a very original aperitif.
Golden Pompano
Golden PompanoThe above fish avaliable in sizes from 400g to 600g price USD8. 00 / KG FOB Air KlIA Kuala Lumpur or by Sea Pasir Gudang or Tanjong Pelapas Johor Malaysia We welcome a geniune enquries Md Sidik
Dal Makhani
Dal MakhaniDAL MAKHANI During British Raj days when Mughals and Nawabs were the connoisseurs of food, Dal Makhani found flavour with them as it was not only rich in taste and flavour but was a premium product wh
Pangasius Fillets Frozen (Basa Fillets)
Pangasius Fillets Frozen (Basa Fillets)We are exporter of seafood products from Vietnam. Our main products are frozen King Scallop Meat, White Basa Fillets (Size: 120 / 170, 170 / 220, 220 / 300, 300 / Up Gr / pcs) , Light Pink Basa Fillet
Beef Curry Puff
Beef Curry PuffOur beef currypuff, made by blending a premium groundbeef with special spices. Deep fried until golden brown and best eaten while hot.
Frozen Hake Hamburger
Frozen Hake HamburgerFrozen Hake Hamburger, breaded, pre-fried. 35% breaded 65% seafrozen hake minced
Ready To Eat Indian Frozen Foods
Ready To Eat Indian Frozen FoodsReady to eat ethinic Indian frozen foods Porotta, idlly with sambar, idiyappam, biriyani, veg. Samosa, veg puffs, veg. Cutlet, north Indian curry, south Indian curry, etc
Deep Frozen Tart Cake
Deep Frozen Tart CakeWe invite the kitcheners coming from Japan who have fifty-years-experience on baking cake and adopt the purest material to make this yummy. We use the advanced deepfreeze technology to keep the qualit

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