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Model No. n-Para-Cx
Price Terms EXW, FOB, C&F
Payment Terms T/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead Time Negotiable

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Features & Specifications

N-paraffin technical data sheet

(complex normal paraffin) carbon
Number name formula (mol wt. ) mp bp cas rn
C(8) n-octane c8h18 (114.23) -57 c/-70.6 f 126 c/258.8 f 111-65-9
C(10) n-decane c10h22 (142.28) -30 c/-22 f 174 c/345.2 f 124-18-5
C(12) n-dodecane c12h26 (170.34) -9.5 c/14.9 f 216 c/420.8 f 112-40-3
C(14) n-tetradecane c14h30 (198.39) 6 c/42.8 f 254 c/489.2 f 629-59-4
C(16) n-hexadecane c16h34 (226.44) 18 c/64.4 f 287 c/548.6 f 544-76-3
C(18) n-octadecane c18h38 (254.50) 28 c/82.4 f 316 c/600.8 f 593-45-3
C(20) n-eicosane c20h42 (282.55) 37 c/98.6 f 343 c/649.4 f 112-95-8
C(22) n-docosane c22h46 (310.61) 44.5 c/112.10 f 368.5c/695.3f 629-97-0
C(24) n-tetracosane c24h50 (338.66) 52 c/125.6 f 391 c/735.8 f 646-31-1

Packaging:500 mg

Concentration (varied concentrations)

Suitability: Suitable for d5442 per astm

Safety: Hazard codes: Xn

Risk statements:10-65-67

Safety statements:23-62

Ridadr: Un 1208 3/pg 2

Price: Stipulated on b/l date according to dtd price available on marketscan.
 product detailed reference: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/n-paraffin-460810-4389.htm

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