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Model No.n-Para-Cx
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

N-paraffin technical data sheet
(complex normal paraffin) carbon
Number name formula (mol wt. ) mp bp cas rn
C(8) n-octane c8h18 (114.23) -57 c/-70.6 f 126 c/258.8 f 111-65-9
C(10) n-decane c10h22 (142.28) -30 c/-22 f 174 c/345.2 f 124-18-5
C(12) n-dodecane c12h26 (170.34) -9.5 c/14.9 f 216 c/420.8 f 112-40-3
C(14) n-tetradecane c14h30 (198.39) 6 c/42.8 f 254 c/489.2 f 629-59-4
C(16) n-hexadecane c16h34 (226.44) 18 c/64.4 f 287 c/548.6 f 544-76-3
C(18) n-octadecane c18h38 (254.50) 28 c/82.4 f 316 c/600.8 f 593-45-3
C(20) n-eicosane c20h42 (282.55) 37 c/98.6 f 343 c/649.4 f 112-95-8
C(22) n-docosane c22h46 (310.61) 44.5 c/112.10 f 368.5c/695.3f 629-97-0
C(24) n-tetracosane c24h50 (338.66) 52 c/125.6 f 391 c/735.8 f 646-31-1

Packaging:500 mg

Concentration (varied concentrations)

Suitability: Suitable for d5442 per astm

Safety: Hazard codes: Xn

Risk statements:10-65-67

Safety statements:23-62

Ridadr: Un 1208 3/pg 2

Price: Stipulated on b/l date according to dtd price available on marketscan.
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Sell-Surf Wax Manufacturer
Sell-Surf Wax Manufacturer* CHARACTERISTIC:A) Quick layer thick uniform of long duration to the first contact with the chart.B) bigger resistance to the heat that the common waxes.C) More it grabs (sticky) that the common waxe
Hadrotreated Micro Crystalline Wax (Slabs)
Hadrotreated Micro Crystalline Wax (Slabs)fusion_point_(fup): MicroProduct: HADROTREATED MICRO CRYSTALLINE WAX (SLABS) Origin: Egypt QTY: 120 Mt Packing: In 25 Kgs Cartoon Box Destination: ASWP Delivry: Within 21-30 days from opend L/ C Paym
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin Waxscale_of_deoiling: CommercialSepid paraffine-e-aftab company has starded its activity in 2000 and now Produces paraffin wax (solid paraffin) and residue wax Companys manager have 20 years experience i
Semi Refined Paraffin Wax
Semi Refined Paraffin WaxOffering for semi refined paraffin wax at highly competitive prices. If you are intrested in this product contact us. For more information vist our WWW. ipchem. COM
N Paraffin
N ParaffinPROPERTY TEST METHOD SPECIFICATION TYPICAL VALUE DENSITY AT 15. 6c, gr / cm3 ASTM D4052 96 0. 7990 0. 7530 0. 7506 COLOR SAYBOLT ASTM D156 00 + 30 MIN + 30 BR-INDEX, Mg Br / 100gr OF SAMPLE ASTM D1492
Residue Wax
Residue WaxWe are packer, supplier and exporter of petrochemicals such as paraffin wax, residue wax Slack wax and mineral like gilsonite, fluorspar Natural Asphalt, bitumen, base oil, waxes from Iran Cargos with
Semi Refined Paraffin Wax
Semi Refined Paraffin WaxSEMI REFINED, OC 3-5% , COLOR-off White Available from Dubai based ETA group of companies
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin WaxOil content: 0. 5% max Pure white. Any serious inquiry is welcome.
Paraffin Wax
Paraffin WaxWe are offering all kind of semi-refined paraffin wax, slack wax, rubber processing oil and fouts oil from Iran. Specifications: Semi refined paraffin wax ****************************** Oil content:
White Oil
White Oilfusion_point_(fup): Paraffin OilWe are one of leading manufacturers of white oil in China. This products is colorless, smelllest, transparent oil without any additives, water or mechanical impurities,
Residue Wax
Residue WaxOil Content 65% 2 Wax Content 35% 3 Congealing Point 39C 4 Needle Penetration 122-125 5 Drop Melting Point 40- 45C 6 Kinematic Viscosity at 100 C 9 CST 7 Density at 100 C 0.800 8
White Oil
White OilWe produce white oil and spindle oil; The spec. Of the white oil as follow: Flash point:130,140 and 150 Apperance: White and clear Visc. @ 40:8-10 cst Dinsity @ 20:.835 Odor: Odorless

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