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Model No.Model 200
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

This is the biggest hammer in the world. Up to 200.00 j per stroke and up to 7 strokes per minute. No more problems with secondary breaking. The stone & steelbuster will break any kind of rock. The harder the better and nearly any size can be broken. Basalt rock pieces on more than 100 ton have been broken without any problem. High wear and maintenance cost on your hydraulic breaker and be substituted with a low maintenance cost and high efficiency stone & steelbuster. The capacity increases with the hardness of the rock and the size of the boulders.

The stone & steelbuster will fit any brand of excavator. Hydraulic breakers are hard on the excavators, but the stone & steelbuster has nearly no vibrations back in the boom due to the working principle. Use older second hand excavators for the stone & steelbuster withsout any problems. The stone & steelbuster is gentle to the excavator as it only requires 200 bar and 200 L/min.

There is no need for investing in new primary breaker if the reason is the small opening on this. The stone & steelbuster will break any size of rock at an approx capacity up to 250 to 270 tonnes per hour or more at a fraction of the cost of operating the hydraulic hammers.

As noise is an accumulated value over time, the noise constitutes only 5-7% of the noise coming from the hydraulic hammers. Each impact is 15 times greater than the biggest hydraulic hammers in the world and this makes the difference. A few strokes break the boulder in the sizes you want.

There are huge saving in the primary blasting as opening up the blasting pattern is only a natural thing. The stone & steelbuster will take the boulders that are coming out of this new approach.

The stone & steelbuster can be fitted at any excavator brand on the market, and when fitted to the excavators working in the primary blasting area, the moving of oversized boulders and secondary blasting is history.
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