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Model No. Lysoflam
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Features & Specifications


Lysoflam Tablets
Each film coated tablet contains:
Paracetamol:500 mg
Diclofenac Potassium:50 mg
Serratiopeptidase:15 mg
(as enteric coated pellets)

Lysoflam tablet is indicated in the treatment of:

- Acute musckuloskeletal trauma
- Sprain & Strain
- Contusion(Bruise)
- Fracture & dislocation
- Ligamentous laceration
- Tendinitis, Bursitis
- Sports Injuries

- Inflammation, Swelling and Post Surgery
- Post-operative wounds
- Post-operative oedema
- Post-operative haematoma
- Prevention of infection of the sutures
- Convalescent
- Cosmetic Surgery

ENT CONDITIONS: Painful inflammatory conditions including
- Sinusitis
- Laryngitis
- Pharyngitis
- Inflammation of eustachian tube
- Nasal fracture
- ENT operations such as tonsillectomy

DENTISTRY: Painful dental conditions like:
- Cellulitis, periodontitis
- Pain following maxillofacial surgery, including odonto section and extraction of impacted third molar.
- Pain associated with mandibular, maxillo facial, dento-alveolar abscess.

- Engorgement of breast
- Episiotomy

- Cystitis & epididymitis.
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