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Model No. Lignin-1
Price Terms EXW, FOB, C&F
Payment Terms T/T by Bank, Western Union
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Features & Specifications

We supply different npk content lignin slow release fertilizer for golf course, turf and garden, the characters of lignin fertilizer is as following:

Lignin slow release fertilizer applied the newest technology which is to use lignin as carrier to attach npk and other microelements necessary for plants growing by chemical reactions and physical adsorbent process. Inside the soil, nutrition slowly and smoothly released along with the lignin destroying, the whole effective process will persist about 20 weeks. The usage rate of nutrition reaches 80%, because of low fluidity in soil and low lost of unfreezing, volatilization and microelements translation as npk and other microelements are tightly attached together through covalent bond and secondary bond. On the other hand, as pre-material of humus, lignin could be transferred to be humus acid and help to improve soils quality and ventilation to prevent soil harden.

Turf green has very high standards for the grass maintenance. Using lignin slow-release fertilizer could ensure continued and balanced nutrition supply to make the grass more green and healthy, and also to reduce cutting frequency and to kill insect pests.
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