Leatherleaf Fern Fresh Foliage From Costa Rica And Nicaragua

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Model No.Fern
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Fern Flora (Tropic Fern / Helechos de Nicaragua) was founded in Costa Rica in 1986. We are producers and exporters of Leather Leaf Fern (Rurnohra adiantiformis) and Tree Fern (Asparagus Virgatus) . Both fresh cut green foliage can be very productive plants given the right environment. It is hard not to notice those dark green leaves that beautifully compliment and bring to life almost every flower arrangement. Leather Leaf Fern and Tree Fern are the names of the leaves most commonly used by the floral trade world wide. Costa Rica and Nicaragua have the perfect climate for growing fern. Its traditional values of peace and prosperity for all of its residents have been a fertile ground for the fern business just like its volcanic soil and tropical temperature assure hearty fern plants. Costa Rica and Nicaragua has offered our farms the perfect temperature and soil conditions on the slopes and in the valleys of these two enigmatic countries. The ability of Fern Flora / Helechos de Nicaragua to deliver a quality product is a factor of both the specific ecological and agronomic conditions where our fern is grown plus the strict hand-grading of each and every leaf. After harvesting, grading and packaging the fern under meticulous quality control conditions, the boxed product is then cooled and loaded into refrigerated ocean containers or transported directly to the nearby air cargo terminal. Both countries have traditionally been an agricultural economy and society. But traditional agriculture (coffee, sugar, cattle, etc.) has not been able to keep pace with the buoyant service and tourism sectors. New or nontraditional farming activities have been able to sustain the agricultural sector and provide steady and comfortable employment to those individuals who prefer working in the fresh air and sunshine. Fern Flora / Helechos de Nicaragua with its brands Nicafern and Ecofern is proud to see our foliage accompanying the beautiful flowers from around the world in the prestigious markets of Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.
Our socially responsible and ecologically friendly fern farms are carefully tended. Only premium product, with longer stems, dark green color and full foliage is made available to our clients.
 see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/leatherleaf-fern-fresh-foliage-from-costa-rica-and-nicaragua-4609-21294.htm
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