Killtox Insecticides

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Model No.M-09
Place Of OriginTurkey
Brand NameKilltox
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Killtox has special formulation, effective all flying& crawilling insects.
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Bleeding Stopper
Bleeding Stopper  Bleeding StopperNo. HF032Common Name: Benzalkonium Bromide solutionused for aquatic products)Trade Name: BleedingEnglish Name: Benzalkonium Bromide SolutionChinese Pinyin: Benzhaxiuan Rong
Sulfachlorpyridazine sodium
Sulfachlorpyridazine sodiumPurity :less than99percent;Appearance: yellowish crystal powber;Ph:7-9;Water: less than 5.0percent;Heavy metal: less than 0.002percent,As : less than 0.0005percent
SpermineIn compliance with the international Quanlity System Standard ISO 9001:2000. With advanced technologies and convenient transport facility to Shanghai International Port. Specifications: Molecular Form
Agrochemical Rodenticide
Agrochemical RodenticideAll kinds of products including techniques and its formulations such as WP, SL, EC and WDG. We specialize in the export of assorted agrochemicals. Packing: Different packages from 100g/100ml to 100kg
Insecticide I
Insecticide ILaojun is listed as a major health program established by Chinese Preventive Medical Academy. We have specialized in this area for more 10 years, and our products enjoy great popularity all over the w
ClopyralidClopyralid (BSI, ANSI, draft E-ISO, (m) Draft F-ISO) Features: 1) Chemical name: 3, 6-dichloropyridine-2-carboxylic acid 2) Molecular formula: C6H3Cl2N2O2 3) Assay: ≥ 95% 4) Molecular weig
ChlorpyrifosUses:Control of Coleoptera,Diptera,Homoptera and Lepidoptera in soil or on foliage in over 100 Crops,Also used for control of household pests mosquitoes and in animal house. Toxicity :Oral LD50(R
Emamectin Benzoate
Emamectin BenzoateCommon name: Emamectin benzoateCAS #: RN [155569-91-8]; Formerly [137512-74-4] and [179607-18-2] Development codes MK 244 (Merck)Appearance: White or light yellow crystal powderMelting point: 141-146c
Cypermethrin TC 93%
Cypermethrin TC 93%Cypermethrin TC 93%Appearance:yellow to brown ropy liquid or semi solidAssay:93.0%minMoisture:0.3%maxAcidity:0.2%maxPacking:200kg Iron drums
AcephatePure product is a white crystal,m.p.90~91oC.Technical product, m.p. 70~80oC,d4201.35.Soluble in water and polar solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone anddichloromethane, dichloroethane and so on
HydramethylnonChemical name: 5, 5-dimethylperhydropyrimidin-2-one4-trifluoromethyl-a-(4-trifluoromethylstyryl)cinnamylidenehydrazone Characteristic: yellow to orange crystalline powder Items: Assay: ≥95.
Water Base Insecticide Aerosol
Water Base Insecticide AerosolALFATOX isecticide aerosol is produced environment friendly. Active ingredients of ALFATOX are Phota Labile. (could decompose sun light) and it has not badly effect to environment. Also because of wa

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