Killtox Insecticides

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Model No.M-09
Place Of OriginTurkey
Brand NameKilltox
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Killtox has special formulation, effective all flying& crawilling insects.
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Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Neem Meal, Neem Extract
Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Neem Meal, Neem ExtractNeem tree is being grown on a commercial basis in US and other countries such as India, Burma and Australia for use in various industries like agriculture and cosmetic etc. Neem oil and its extracts a
Neemazal F 5%
Neemazal F 5%EID Parry India Limited is marketing NEEMAZAL F 5% for effective management of wide range of economically important pests in Tea, Vegetables and Fruit Crops. Neemazal F 5% is a safe and effective bota
Lamda Cyhalothrin 5% EC & 2.8% EC
Lamda Cyhalothrin 5% EC & 2.8% ECWe are a reputed 68 year old agrochemical formulator offering Lamda Cyhalothrin 5% EC & 2.8% EC formulations. The product is made using state of the art technology and to very high quality standards.
BuprofezinCharacteristics: Buprofezin has good touch-kill ability to insect, is one kind of selective pesticide that can control the growth of chitin, it has good effects on louse Broad killing spectrum: Strong
InsecticideWe offer various range of Pesticides, Herbicide, Insecticides. Our products are Cypermethrin. Chloropyrofos, Permethrin, Delatamethrin, Allethrin, Endosulphan, DDVP, Acephate, Captan, Iprodione, Glyp
AzadirachtinAzadirachtin is neem extract. Som phytopharma(india) limitedmanufactures both agricultural grade for bio pesticide manufacturing and for cosmetics grade. Our r&d centre is recognised by govt of india,
S - Bate Temephos 1% Sand Granular
S - Bate Temephos 1% Sand GranularSand for preventing and eliminating Aedes Aegypti
1.8% Avermectin EC
1.8% Avermectin EC1.8%Avermectin EC is a kind of purely natural product manufactured by fermentation, extraction, and purification. It functions as a stomach and contact poison with a broad spectrum of control to many
AbamectinWe export abamectin, ivermectin. Welcome your inquiry.
Asialink Organic Pesticide
Asialink Organic PesticideBioganic organic insect control Safe to use around mammals. All natural,100% organic. Controls a broad spectrum of pests, including ants, caterpillars, centipedes, crickets, fleas, grasshoppers, mosq
Tilmicosin Phosphate
Tilmicosin PhosphateMacrolide antibiotic synthesized from tylosin. It has an antimicrobial spectrum similar to tylosin with enhanced activity against pasteurella multocida and pasteurella haemolitica. Indication: For the
Amitaz 20% & Carbosulfan 20%
Amitaz 20% & Carbosulfan 20%Amitaz 20% (1-01-005) Benzomate:1000 cc/12 ; 500 cc/12 ; 100 cc/12 Carbosulfan 20% (1-03-007) Camang:30 lt/dm ; 18lt/dm ; 4lt/4 1000 cc/12 ; 500 cc/12 ; 100 cc/24

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