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Pine oil is a natural home remedy with so many uses, to those who have known about its amazing properties it has been a trusted household product for over 99 years. It is one of the most effective natural insect repellants. Used by native americans and settlers in the backwoods and in third world countries since 1903, where sophisticated medications are hard to come by, it has been considered the next thing to a miracle as a first aid antiseptic and pain reliever with the natural healing power.

Indians used raw pine pitch to soothe insect bites in the wild. Apinol is a distillation of pine pitch in a completely clear pine oil that soothes insect bites FAST, and provides relief from bee stings, spider bites, cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and skin lacerations. It isn't sticky and doesn't stain. It takes the itch out of mosquito bites instantly while also acting as a bug repellant(includingmosquitoes). It stops PAIN&INFECTION as it cleans and disinfects.

Pine Oil gel can be used topically anywhere on the body to stop irritation, with no burning or stinging even when applied to open wounds. Apply liberally to bites or scratches. Pine Oil gel works wonderfully on wounds that will not heal(commonin diabetics). It is also safe, and recommended for animal use.: Care should be used with cats which may lick it off. Not recommended for internal use. )
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