Ifo 180 And 380

Trade Terms & Business Information for Ifo 180 And 380:

Model No.24
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

IFO 180 and 380
Limits: RME 25. Rmf 25. Rmg 35. Rmh 35.
IFO 380: ISO 8217 / ASTM 2069
IFO180: ISO 8217 / ASTM 2069
 see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/ifo-180-and-380-264202-3474.htm
Cst 130 / 180
Cst 130 / 180500, 000MT per month available.
Mazut 100
Mazut 100foiling_point: MazutWe supply Russian origin mazut 100 through a Russian government appointed petroleum product seller. All your documents will be verified so your contact informations must be legible
Fuel Oil
Fuel OilWe are dubai based import & export company and exporting bitumen, furnace oil, rpo, parrafin wax, residue wax & base oil in drum/flexi packing. Origin iran, saudi & uae. Please send your full enquiry
Fuel Oil
Fuel Oilfoiling_point: D2We offer the following diesel fuel D2 specifications Certificate of quality Quality of gasoil l-0.2-62 delivered under this contract shall meet gost 305-82 including but not Limit
Russian D2
Russian D2foiling_point: D2New D2 pricing available at 400/385 for large quantities. Please contact me directly for more details
Heavy Fuel Oil
Heavy Fuel OilHeavy fuel oil Density at 15 deg c -- 0.995 max Flash point deg f -- 142 min Sulphur wt pct -- 0.37 max Viscosity redwood no.1 at 100 f. Secs -- 1500 max Pour point deg f -- 70 max Carbon residue, co
BiodieselWe can supply 500kl/m of biodiesel with astm standard. Feed stock is from used vegg oil. We can supply turn-key base project for biodiesel
Mazut 100 Gost 10585-75
Mazut 100 Gost 10585-75foiling_point: MazutAnnex " a" specification of mazut-100 gost 10585-75: 1. Ash content, %,0.14 max. 2. Mass fraction of sulphur (low sulphur residual oil), %,0.5 max. 3. Temperature of the flash - i
250# Fuel Oil
250# Fuel OilSpecifications: 1, Density (20°C): ≤0.990 2, Flash point (°C): ≥66 3, Pouring point (°C): ≤25 4, Ash content (%): ≤0.3 5, Water content (%): ≤1 6, Sulfur content (%): ≤0
Unleaded Gasoline
Unleaded Gasolinefoiling_point: GasolineWe have available for immediate sale Colonial Pipeline Specifications Unleaded gasoline in all four grades 87,89,91,and 93 octane. The total amount available is 357,000,000 gall
JP-54 Jet Fuel
JP-54 Jet FuelProduct name: JP-54 Jet Fuel Minimum quantity: 5, 000, 000 BBL per month X 12 months Delivery CIF ASWP
Diesel Fuel (Gasoil D4)
Diesel Fuel (Gasoil D4)foiling_point: D4We offer constant deliveries of following production. Commodity: Diesel fuel (gasoil D4)Origin: Russia (Russian Federation).Manufacturer: Gazprom, Rosneft, LukOil, TNK-BP or their aff

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