Fuse cut out

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Model No.FCO 001
Place Of OriginVietnam
Brand NameTuan Phuong
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

* Items 1:
- Description:Fuse cut out - FCO 24kV-100A-12kA
- Reference: X2NCNNMM12
- Origin: ABB/USA

* Items 2:
- Description:Fuse cut out - FCO 24kV-200A-12kA
- Reference: X2NCNNVA22
- Origin: ABB/USA

* Items 3:
- Description: use cut out - FCO 24kV-100A-12kA
- Reference: FSC-18/100A
- Origin: China

* Items 4:
- Description: Fuse cut out - FCO 24kV-200A-10kA
- Reference: FSC-18/200A
- Origin: China

* Note:
- Creepage distance of FCO manufactured from China: 430mm
- Creepage distance of FCO manufactured from ABB/USA: 320mm see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/fuse-cut-out-2824-29361.htm
Nupro Fuser
Nupro FuserNupro Fusing Assy., 220V, Replace F/X N24/32/40 126K10024
Nupro Fuser
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H. V. Fuse For Motor Protectionusage: High Voltagebreaking_capacity: High-Rated voltage from 3.6 to 12KV -Wide range of rated current from 31.5 to 400A -BS(British Standsrd) type installation contactor -Powerful pyrotechnic or spri
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Madidi 5 Pair Fuse For 100 Pair MDF Terminal Block5 Pair Fuse/Arrester for 100 Pair MDF Terminal Block MTB-100S
Quick Action Square Fuse With Striker
Quick Action Square Fuse With StrikerThe fast action fuse is used to protect rectifier and it can come to rated voltage from 250 to 1200V, surrent from 63A to 5000A. Different figure could be available.

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