Fuse cut out

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Model No.FCO 001
Place Of OriginVietnam
Brand NameTuan Phuong
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification

* Items 1:
- Description:Fuse cut out - FCO 24kV-100A-12kA
- Reference: X2NCNNMM12
- Origin: ABB/USA

* Items 2:
- Description:Fuse cut out - FCO 24kV-200A-12kA
- Reference: X2NCNNVA22
- Origin: ABB/USA

* Items 3:
- Description: use cut out - FCO 24kV-100A-12kA
- Reference: FSC-18/100A
- Origin: China

* Items 4:
- Description: Fuse cut out - FCO 24kV-200A-10kA
- Reference: FSC-18/200A
- Origin: China

* Note:
- Creepage distance of FCO manufactured from China: 430mm
- Creepage distance of FCO manufactured from ABB/USA: 320mm see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/fuse-cut-out-2824-29361.htm
H.R.C. Fuse
H.R.C. Fusecertificates: CE & CCCbreaking_capacity: HighFeature1)Material: pure copper/silver & quartz sand & high strength ceramic2)Rated voltage:500/690V3)Rated current:2,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,36,40,5
Fuse Disconnection Switch
Fuse Disconnection SwitchHG2-160 / 250 / 400 / 630 is made up of two parts: the seat and the cover, three phrase and half sealed. The front operation can observe the rated data of the fuse links and indicator status through t
Cylindrical Fuse Link
Cylindrical Fuse LinkSpecifications:1) Rated voltage: up to 600V2) Rated current: up to 125A3) Working frequency: 50Hz AC4) Rated breaking capacity: up to 100kA5) Compliant standards: GB13539, IEC2696) Overload protection
Medium Auto Plug-in Sheet Fuse
Medium Auto Plug-in Sheet Fuseusage: PlugFeatures: 1) ATP fuse is used to protect automobile electrical circuit and device Fuse puller: ZH270-S 1) Aty fuse and glass fuse 2) Short-dual type fuller 3) Color: black ZH27
Fuse and Base
Fuse and Baseusage: Low Voltagebreaking_capacity: LowType: NT00/00CWe can supply all kinds of low voltage fuses, bases and fuse links with high qualityand best price.Packing:Standard export carton
Fuse (NT Series)
Fuse (NT Series)breaking_capacity: Lowusage: Low VoltageFeatures: 1) Type: NT low voltage HRC fuse 2) Light weight, small size, low power loss and high breaking capacity 3) Widely used for overload and short circuit
Porcelain Fuse Cutout (11kV to 15kV )
Porcelain Fuse Cutout (11kV to 15kV )Features: 1) Advanced design of fuse tube 2) Reliable and efficient current-carry path 3) All metal parts undergo special treatment to free from erosion and rust 4) All technical performances are com
Fuse Carriers (Handles)
Fuse Carriers (Handles)The fuse carrier is made up of catching holes, push button, guard board and handle. There are three positions for the catching holes, for NH000-NH00, NH0-NH3, and NH4 fuses. Specifications: 1) Uploa
fuseMaterial 1) Fuse body: ceramic tube 2) End cap: nickel plated brass 3) Pigtail: tin plated copper on nickel plated brass cap Packing: Carton
NH List Fuse Base
NH List Fuse Basebreaking_capacity: Lowusage: Low VoltageFeatures: 1) Triple-pole fuse base for bus-bar mounting 2) Rated voltage: 690V 3) Rated current: 400A
Auto Fuse
Auto FuseWe supply various models of auto fuse. We manufacture according to ISO9001.
Cut Out Fuse
Cut Out FuseRated voltage: 24KV Rated current: 100/200A Breaking current: 8KA/10KA Impulse voltage: 150KV Power frequency withstand voltage: 65KV Leakage distance: 480MM

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