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Features & Specifications

What is Frutaiga?

Frutaiga is part of the explosive new nutritional supplement category known as a Functional Food Beverage. However, Frutaiga stands alone as the Ultimate Guaranteed Potency Beverage.

What does it mean to be a Guaranteed Potency Beverage?

A Guaranteed Potency Beverage starts with known amounts of proven, standardized, guaranteed health-enhancing extracts. These beneficial extracts are then optimized for absorption through our proprietary juice delivery system.

What is a Juice Delivery System?

Frutaigas Juice Delivery System is a specifically formulated blend containing a precise mixture of fruit juices, purified water and natural essence flavors. Our juice delivery system is the vehicle that helps Frutaiga deliver all the wonderful health benefits of its exclusive ingredient, Rosalean into your body and makes Frutaiga taste GREAT.

Listen to our story about a 130 year-old woman who lived on the same ingredients that are in Frutaiga.

Go to www. Youtube. COM
Enter bracdiver in the search window and pick out the video on Fountain of Youth.

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