Fruit And Plant Tonic

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Model No.00001
Place Of OriginPhilippines
PackagingSealed Cap White Thick Plastic Bottle; Sealed Box per 24 pieces; 500mL net content / piece
Price TermsFOB Manila USD 10~15
Payment TermsD/P
Supply Ability2500 Piece/Pieces per Month
Minimum Order6 Piece/Pieces
Delivery Lead Time7 - 21 days

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Features & Specifications

bottle:_thick_plastic: Form: Liquid
net_contents:_500ml: Packing: 24 pcs. / case
ARAGO TONICO ROBUSTO is a herbal food supplement juice distributed byF.M. HERBAL PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED. It is made from different important fruits and herbs thus it has therapeutic values.ARAGO TONICO ROBUSTO gives optimum dietary supplements of the basic food groups since it is richly fortified with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It helps build body resistance against various infections, diseases and prevents vitamins and mineral deficiency.

ARAGO TONICO ROBUSTO prevents the following conditions:
2.Iron and Vitamin B12 deficiencies (especially for nursing mothers)
4. General feeling ofweaknessorRundown fatigue
5.Scurvy (gum bleeding, cracking lips)
6. Loss ofappetite
7. AbnormalMenstruation, Menstrualcramp
8.Gas pains,Gastric ulcers, Milddiarrhea and Intestinal pain
9.Insomia ALSO CONTAINS:ALOE EXTRACTHelps support immune system to respond against invading foreign bodies on abnormal growing cell.Helps support normal muscle tissue and joint function.Helps support healthier digestion through out the entire digestive tract.GRAPES EXTRACTContains Proanthocyanidins (OPC), which is known to be very powerful anti-oxidant. This bioflavanoid complex is 20 times potent than Vitamin C and 50 times potent than Vitamin E.Enhance capillary strength and vascular function, which is helpful for the heart and decreases pre menstrual syndrome problem.Enhance immune system.Increase peripheral circulation and improves vision.Reduce skin aging and loss of elasticity.GINSENG (King of Herbs)Reduce physical, mental and emotional stress by increasing oxygen carrying red blood cells and immune- stimulating white blood cells.Reduce risk of cardiovascular decease.Use in treating amnesia, anorexia, asthma, cough, diabetes and high blood pressure.CACAO (Dark Chocolate)Diuretic effect, which is due to stimulation of renal epithelium.Useful when there is an accumulation of fluid in the body resulting from cardiac failure, when it is often given with digitals to relive dilatation.Employed in high blood pressure as dilating blood vessels.Contains Flavanoid that helps improved blood circulation.                i.      DIURETIC tendency to increase in secretion and discharge of urine.                ii.      DILATATION increasing in some part of any substance capable in expanding.RICE BRAN EXTRACT OR TIKI TIKIContains Thiamine and Vitamin B complex that helps prevent polyneuritis of beriberi.Helps protect the liver against functional and impairment by its variety toxic agents.GINGER EXTRACT (Zingilber)Helps increase appetite.Carminative effect.Helps decrease gastric ulcer.Prevents heartburns menstrual cramp.CAROTENE EXTRACT (Vitamin A),ASCORBIC ACID (Vitamin. C),CALCIUM LACTATE andFERROUS SULFATE (Iron)Builds resistance against infections.STRAWBERRY EXTRACTFor cleansing and anti-oxidantSide effects and adverse reactions:NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTSPrecaution:  SAFETY IN PREGNANCY IS NOT ESTABLISHED. NOT INTENDED OF INFANT FEEDING OR CHILIDREN BELOW 1 YEAR OLD.Direction:            ADULT          15 30 Ml or 1 2 Tbsp after meals                       CHILDREN     5 10 Ml or 1 2 Tsp after mealsBFAD LTO Number: RDII-RVII-F-1898  "REAL VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY"(Each 500mL bottle is Good for 15 - 30 days)  We acceptAgents andDistributors WORLDWIDE!! For Questions and Inquiries
(632) 823 - 9386
(632) 823 - 1795
 (63) 918 - 650 - 6845Kindly look for Mr. Evan Bill Mulles


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