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Place Of OriginChina
Brand Namehx
CertificationsISO9001, CCS
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T,Western Union,T/T, L/C
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Spark Arrest Silencer
For ship use
Material: Q235
Silencers are widely used in all kinds of ships, such as oil tanks and chemical ships.
Different types now in our company are from DN65-DN1800 in nominal diameter,
and the drop of noise could reach 45dB
Reduce the noise from marine engine, also arrest the spark see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/exhaust-silencer-591363-55625.htm
flexible pipe for automobile exhaust system
flexible pipe for automobile exhaust systemStructure: Inner Braid + Double Layer Bellows + Outer Braid + Caps + NipplesMaterial: SUS 304 for Braid and Bellows, Aluminized Steel for Caps and NipplesThickness: Wall thickness 0.4mm of Braid,2x 0.
Exhaust Muffler
Exhaust MufflerGY6 High Performance Racing Muffler A for GY6 scooter
Wastegate(T-38mm)Quality: High quality and performance. We produce wastegate for ten years, we guarantee its quality. Up to now , there isnobody feedback its quality.
Intake Manifold
Intake ManifoldFeatures: 1) Smooth curve, perfectly matching engine 2) The internal pipe works harmoniously to mix gas effectively, exerting the greatest power 3) Cast with aluminum alloy, it is lightweight
Intercooler-PipeProduct range: 1) Intercooler-pipe 2) Exhaust muffler 3) All kind of auto pipe 4) Engineering pipe Service: selection of suppliers and product and process audit Dimensions: Ø4.76-100mm Standar
Flexible Pipe
Flexible PipeFeatures: 1) Flexible pipes are used for connecting the vehicles' mufflers 2) Our products can stand exhaust gas's high temperature and have a long life 3) Applications: almost all the main car manufa
Infrared Tube
Infrared Tube.Advantages: 1) High efficiency, healthy, no harmful emission 2) Clean, no pollution 3) Economical: more than 85% of consumed energy transmitted into infrared heat 4) Long life: more than 5,000h
Catalytic Converter
Catalytic ConverterOur catalytic converters contain two distinct catalysts, the reduction catalyst and the oxidation catalyst. The exhaust flows through reduction catalyst at first, consists of a ceramic honeycomb norma
Catalytic Converters for Off-Road Engines
Catalytic Converters for Off-Road EnginesOur catalytic converter for off-road engine is customized with special ceramic andmetallic honeycomb substrate and silicon carbide substrate catalysts. The dimensionand catalyst formula will be specif
EGR Vacuum Solenoid
EGR Vacuum SolenoidWhat they do?Control the vacuum output to the EGR valveFailure Symptoms:Rough idle, pinging ,overheating, loss of power, MIL on.
DJ-373 Exhaust Manifold
DJ-373 Exhaust ManifoldNOArt.codeDescritionDJ-373ECLIPSEMain attached pipe of the exhaust manifoldEMBrandModeYR  

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