Endless belt and PU Timing belt,

Trade Terms & Business Information for Endless belt and PU Timing belt,

Model No. 6PK2155
Origin Place china
Brand Name timing belt
Certifications 5545242
Packaging 2
Price Terms 5425
Payment Terms 566
Supply Ability 858
Minimum Order 565
Delivery Lead Time 21

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Features & Specifications

Our belts are used in many transportation, such as hyundai,KIA, BMW, Rolls_Royce, honda, Acura, peugeot, citroen, benz, jeep, dodge,maybach, daimlerchrysler, smart, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda,Seat, Bugatti, fiat, ferrari, alfaromeo, maserati, lancia, toyota, lexus, scion, daihatsu, renault, infiniti, nissan, hummer, pontiac, buick, chevrolet, cadillac, suzuki, opel, saab, subaru, saturn, holden, daewoo, MG, rover, volvo, ford, astonmartin, mazda, lincoln,landrover, jaguar, mercury.
And aslo belts are very popular with drivers.

cogged belt specification:

AX20 13X510 B25 17X635 BX22 17X560 C43 22X1175
AX21 13X535 B26 17X660 BX23 17X585 C56 22X1422
AX22 13X560 B265 17X6730 BX23.5 17X600 C58 22X1555
AX23 13X585 B27 17X685 BX24 17X610 C60 22X1600
AX24 13X610 B28 17X715 BX25 17X635 C62 22X1650
AX24.5 13X620 B29 17X735 BX26 17X660 C64 22X1700
AX24.5 13X625 B30 17X760 BX27 17X685 C68 22X1800
AX25 13X635 B300 17X7620 BX28 17X715 C72 22X1900
AX25.5 13X650 B31 17X785 BX29 17X735 C74 22X1880
AX26 13X665 B32 17X815 BX30 17X760 C75 22X2000
AX26.5 13X680 B33 17X835 BX30.5 17X775 C79 22X2090
AX27 13X685 B34 17X865 BX31 17X785 C80 22X2100
AX27.5 13X700 B35 17X890 BX31.5 17X800 C81 22X2120
AX28 13X715 B36 17X915 BX32 17X815 C82 22X2165
AX28.5 13X725 B37 17X940 BX32.5 17X825 C83 22X2190
AX29 13X735 B38 17X965 BX33 17X835 C84 22X2215
AX29.5 13X750 B39 17X990 BX33.5 17X850 C85 22X2240
AX30 13X760 B39.5 17X1005 BX34 17X865 C86 22X2265
AX30.5 13X775 B40 17X1015 BX34.5 17X875 C88 22X2315
AX31 13X785 B41 17X1040 BX35 17X890 C89 22X2360
AX31.5 13X800 B42 17X1060 BX35.5 17X900 C90 22X2370
AX32 13X815 B43 17X1090 BX36 17X915 C91 22X2395
AX32.5 13X825 B44 17X1115 BX36.5 17X925 C92 22X2420
AX33 13X835 B45 17X1140 BX37 17X940 C95 22X2495
AX33.5 13X850 B46 17X1170 BX37.5 17X950 C96 22X2520
AX34 13X865 B47 17X1200 BX38 17X965 C97 22X2465
AX34.5 13X875 B48 17X1220 BX38.5 17X980 C98 22X2575
AX35 13X890 B49 17X1250 BX39 17X990 C100 22X2620
AX35.5 13X900 B50 17X1270 BX39.5 17X105 C101 22X2650
AX36 13X915 B51 17X1300 BX40 17X1015 C104 22X2660
AX36.5 13X925 B52 17X1320 BX40.5 17X1030 C105 22X2665
AX37 13X940 B53 17X1350 BX41 17X1040 C107 22X2800
AX37.5 13X950 B54 17X1370 BX41.5 17X1055 C110 22X2720
AX38 13X965 B55 17X1400 BX42 17X1060 C112 22X2765
AX38.5 13X975 B56 17X1420 BX42.5 17X1075 C115 22X3000
AX39 13X990 B57 17X1450 BX43 17X1090 C120 22X3130
AX39.5 13X1001 B58 17X1475 BX43.5 17X110 C121 22X3075
AX40 13X1015 B59 17X1500 BX44 17X1115 C124 22X3230
AX40.5 13X1025 B60 17X1525 BX44.5 17X1130 C130 22X3385
AX41 13X1035 B61 17X1550 BX45 17X1140 C140 22X3540
AX41.5 13X1050 B62 17X1575 BX45.5 17X1150 C150 22X3890
AX42 13X1060 B63 17X1600 BX46 17X1170 C154 22X4000
AX42.5 13X1075 B64 17X1625 BX46.5 17X1180 C165 22X4275
AX43 13X1090 B65 17X1650 BX47 17X1200 C170 22X4400
AX43.5 13X1100 B66 17X1675 BX47.5 17X125 C173 22X4480
AX44 13X1120 B67 17X1700 BX48 17X1225 C174 22X4500
AX44.5 13X1125 B68 17X1730 BX48.5 17X1230 C175 22X4530
AX44.5 13X1140 B69 17X1750 BX49 17X1250 C177 22X4575
AX45 13X1140 B70 17X1780 BX49.5 17X1255 C180 22X4650
AX45.5 13X1150 B71 17X1805 BX50 17X1270 C184 22X4750
AX46 13X1170 B72 17X1830 BX50.5 17X1285 C185 22X4775
AX46.5 13X1185 B73 17X1855 BX51 17X1300 C190 22X4900  product detailed reference: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/endless-belt-and-pu-timing-belt-772-1073630.htm

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