Emulsifier / Tween-20/60/80, Span-60/80

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Model No.Tween-20/60/80, Span-60/80
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T, L/C
Delivery Lead Timewithin one month

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Features & Specifications

Tween 20/60/80 are know as polysorbate 20/60/80 (PEG-20 dehydrated
sorbierite monolaurate, PEG-20 dehydrated sorbierite mnostearate,
polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate). They are nonionic surfactant and
emulsifier derived from sorbitol which is obtained from various types of fruit.
They easily dissolves in water, ethanol, methanol or ethyl acetate, but only a
little in mineral oil. Being nonirritating material, the polysorbates are
somewhat yellowish amber liquid, a bit bitterness and acerbity, and with
warm sense. With HLB between 14.9-16.9, they are varying with different
fatty acid compounded, and have good heat stability and hydrolyzing stability.
That allow polysorbates widely used as emulsifier, stabilizer, solubilizer in
industries of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textile. For example, they are
used as solubilizer or emulsifier in injection liquid and oral solutions,
dispersant of capsule, emulsifier and basic of ointment, and also being
emulsifier in food industry.

Technical index:
1) Item: Tween 20/60
2) Appearance: viscid liquid or cream with light yellow color
3) Active substance: 98 - 99%
4) Solubility: dissolved in water, ethanol, and grease
5) Flash point: >150°C
6) Cloud point: >100°C
7) HLB value: 16.7/14.9
8) Water: ≤1%
9) Hydroxide value: 96-108/81-96
10) Saponification value: 40-50/45-55
11) Acid number: ≤1.0
12) Arsenic: ≤3ppm
13) Heavy metal: ≤10ppm

Span-60 (sorbitan monostearate 60) is pale yellow powder while Span-80
(Sorbitan monostearate 80) is yellowish amber liquid with viscosity, both
dissolved in hot oil and organic solvent. Being ideal W/O emulsifier, they
usually are used as dispersant in painting and dye industry. The sorbitan monostearate has good performance for smoothening the fibre surface, thus,
they are used as composite material of fibre oil agent in fabric industry. The
sorbitan monostearate is also widely used as emulsifier in industries of food, pharmaceuticals, and pesticide.

Technical index for Span-60/80 (Sorbitan monostearate-60/80):
1) Appearance: powder with light yellow color / viscid liquid with yellow to
brown color
2) Acid value: ≤10.0
3) HLB value: 4.3
4) Saponification value: 140 - 160
5) Hydroxide value: 190 - 220
6) Water: ≤15% see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/emulsifier-tween-20-60-80-span-60-80-1541-5883.htm
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