Electronic Ballast

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Model No.TP120-1/26UPL
Place Of OriginChina
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification

style: Electronic
PL 120V, 1X26W
UL Certificate see product details: http://www.hiwtc.com/products/electronic-ballast-66071-716.htm
Energy Saver Ballast ( Electronics Chowk )
Energy Saver Ballast ( Electronics Chowk )style: Electronic>>>>this is a energy saver product which is saving up to 50% - 60 %of power compare to ordinary ballast. >>>>> Operates from 180v to 280v>> 50hz, a. C supply. No problem for over/unde
Ul FCC Approval Electronic Ballast
Ul FCC Approval Electronic Ballaststyle: Electronicmatched_tube: T8supply UL (FCC) approval electronic ballast WK-T8-232/IS/120SC WK-T8-232/IS/277SC WK-T8-432/IS/120SC WK-T8-432/IS/277SC 1. UL (CUL), FCC approval 2.life warranty: 5
BallastsBallast for ftl, CFL, M/v. S/v, M/h halogen u/v lamps
Magnetic Ballast
Magnetic Ballaststyle: MagneticProduct name : Magneic ballast Specification : 1 x 40W 220V. Use : Used for fluorecent tube.
Electronic Ballast
Electronic Ballaststyle: Electronicmatched_tube: T8High Power Factor electronc ballast for T8 striplight. We also can offer electronic ballast for T5, T4 fluorescent lamps. With European Approval
Ballaststyle: ElectronicA new company that following the hot tide of new centry. Located in the city called PanAn which is the green, safty and no contaminative products centre. Our company is specialized i
High Efficiency Ballast
High Efficiency Ballastmatched_tube: T5High Efficiency T5 & T8 Ballasts We are a ISO9001 certified manufacturer of these products, please can you provide the following so that we can generate a quotation and provide for yo
Electronic Ballast For 150w Metal Halide
Electronic Ballast For 150w Metal Halidestyle: ElectronicWinkon is the original manufactory factory of electronic ballast for 150w metal halide lamps. We supply high quality electronic ballast with following details: Model: Mh150eb Voltage:
36 / 40 W Electronic Ballast
36 / 40 W Electronic Ballastpower_factor_compensation: Withoutstyle: ElectronicElergy Saving Electronic Ballast with working range of 90V to 290V. Saves power upto 40%. Power Factor:0.95, Frequency:50/60 hz, No need of starter.
HID 35w Ballast For Xenon Headlamp System
HID 35w Ballast For Xenon Headlamp SystemFeatures: 1) rated input voltage:12.8v 2) working voltage range:9v-16v 3) rated input current:3.5a 4) protection voltage: Min.6v and max.18v 5) suitable ambient temperature: -40~+70oc 6) advantages: A
Electronic Ballast For Metal Halide Lamp
Electronic Ballast For Metal Halide Lampstyle: ElectronicWe are developing the 3rd era electronic ballast (EB) for HID lamp. There are three IC systems inside, so the EB system will work more reliable. All models of eletronic ballast for
600W Electronic Ballast
600W Electronic Ballaststyle: ElectronicCan ignite both mh and hps lamps No stroboscopic effects(no flickering) make this as close as you can get to the natural sun light, perfect illumination Power factor is 99%(efficien

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