Digital Phase Protector

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Model No.W-OP4, W-PR3, W-OPP
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Digital phase protector
The phase protection relay is a digital electronic instrument designed for AC voltage monitoring and protection in 3 phase systems. Used in application such as main failure, phase sequence reversal, under and over voltage faults. It operates automatically and shut down your motor before any damage is done. It has individually settable under, over and unbalance voltage. Added facility of adjustable trip time delay. Low cost, compact and easy to install. Housing: ABS ul94 v-0 see product details:
RelaysFeatures: 1) Types: MK2P, MK3P 2) Contact capacity: 10A, 250V AC 3) Coil voltage: 6 - 220V DC, 6 - 380V AC 4) Coil power: a) DC: ≤0.9W b) AC: ≤1.2VA 5) Pick-up: a) DC: ≤75%
Auto relays
Auto relaysSpecifications: 1) Rated voltage: 12V / 24V 2) Operating temperature: -40 ~ 60°C 3) Test frequency and voltage: 50Hz, 550V 4) No contact current (max. resistive load): 30 - 40A / 20 - 30A 5) Con
Pow-R-Pak Relay
Pow-R-Pak RelayPart No. VoltageIncreased Torque(V) SPP115-230210 Ounce Inches
AH3-NB Timer Relay
AH3-NB Timer Relaycertificate: CEAH3-NB Timer RelayAH3-NB Operation: AC110VDC12V-24V Contact: 2C Operation: On-delay TimingRange: A1S.10S.1M,10M B 3S,30S,3M,30M D 6S,60S,6M,60M
General purpose relay
General purpose relayMK2P 3P general relay is widely suitable for DC or AC circuit switching in various automation devices, process control and communication equipments, etc, it is characteristic of stable performance, hi
Solid State Relay
Solid State RelayLoad voltage: 40-480VACMax Load Current:150A,200A,250A,300AIsolation between In& Out: ≥2000VACIsolation to case: ≥2000VACControl Voltage: 3-32VDCControl Current:6mA-20mA(Automatically limits
Power Relay
Power RelayWe can supply Power relays, potential relays, motor starters, 3FF power relays and 3FD power relays.
DLR1-D thermal relay
DLR1-D  thermal relayDLR1-D series thermal relay is suitable for thermal protection in the circuit with:1.Ac 50Hz or 60Hz,2.voltage up to 660V,3.motor power up to 45KW or less.4.It has different attachment and temperature
GENERAL PUPOSE RELAYModel:LY1 Extemal Dimension (mm):27.5&chi21&chi35 Contact form: 1Z, 1H Contact Capacity: AC 16A 250V; DC 16A 30V Coil voltage: DC 6,12, 24,48 110V AC 6,12, 24,48 110, 220, 240V Coil
SSR-1P PCB Type Solid State Relays
SSR-1P PCB Type Solid State RelaysProduct Name:SSR Single Phase AC Solid State Relays Model:SSR-10DA SSR-50DA SSR-15DA SSR-60DA SSR-25DA SSR-75DA SSR-40DA SSR-90DA Materials:ABS Size:10A 20A 40A 60A 75A 80A 90A Category:Solid S
General relay
General relayMY, LY, 58.02, 57.02, 57.04
General Purpose Relay
General Purpose RelayFeatures: 1) Types: MK2P, MK3P 2) Contact capacity: 10A, 250V AC 3) Coil voltage: 6 - 220V DC, 6 - 380V AC 4) Coil power: a) DC: ≤0.9W b) AC: ≤1.2VA 5) Pick-up: a) DC: ≤75

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