Cotton Seed Variety - Superior Yielder

Trade Terms & Business Information for Cotton Seed Variety - Superior Yielder:

Model No.MRC 5156
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Suitability: Irrigated & Dryland farms
Bolls: Big Size 5 to 6 g
Span length: 27 to 28 mm
Ginning percentage: 35 to 37%
Duration: 145 to 150 days
Packing: 750 gm. packing delinted
Pest Resistance: Tolerant to pests
Picking: Easy Picking
Place of Origin: Wani, India see product details:
Brown Sesame Seed
Brown Sesame SeedBrown sesame seeds (crushing quality) Specification: 1st grade Ffa 2% max. Oil content 42% - 43% (min) Moisture 7.5 % (max) Impurity 1% (max) 2nd grade Ffa 2.5% - 3% (max) Oil content 42% (min) Moi
Plant Seed
Plant SeedOnion n-53 Bulbs are medium, flattish round & dark Red in colour. Average yield 250q/ha. Duration 90-100 days. It is the highest Selling variety in India.
Cotton Seeds
Cotton SeedsThe goods: Cotton seeds Crop of 2005 Packing: bags 50 kg Origin: Kirghizia Conditions of delivery: FCA/CNF/FOB Volume: 1500 - 2000 tn/month Are interested in constant deliveries during: December -
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Hulled Sesame SeedsSesame seeds SIM SIM benne seed til abongra ajonjoli processor and exporters, natural sesame seed, hulled sesame seed oil by sun agro exports co. Ahmedabad India.
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Hulled Sesame SeedsExporter and processor of premium sesame seeds, hulled sesame seeds, natural sesame seeds, roasted sesame seeds, edible seeds, castor oil, spice seeds, edible oils processed by shyam industries, ahmed
Vetch Seeds, Vetches
Vetch Seeds, VetchesSpring vetch seeds in the amount of 200 t, packed in new polypropylene 50 KG (net weight) bags, delivery - by trucks. Quality: - weed admixtures max 2,0%; - humidity max 15,0%; - colour even brown; Th
CelosiaItem Series Item number Color Seed count/Gr Germination temperature Growing temperature Growing period mounth Days to flower day Plant hight CM Celosia Crown JO-602 Golden 900 21~25 15~30 3~10 70 25
Grape Seeds
Grape SeedsUnfermented and fermented grape seeds now available for OPC or oil extraction.Origin of the product:Italy Please inform about quantity and delivery terms, so that we can send you an offer.
Cucumber Seeds
Cucumber SeedsHybrid Cucumber SAMURAI. The light green skin fruit about 20-22 cm. Long. Highly prolific vigorous stem. Good branch and tolerance to downy mildew. Harvest with in 33-35 days after plaiting.
Cacao Seeds
Cacao SeedsWe sell dried cocao seeds for exports and local consumptions. Our dried cocao seeds can be used for industrial and local consumption internationally. The production of beverage drinks, beverage food a
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Bitter Kola Seed
Bitter Kola SeedA good domestic African stimulant but an important International industral raw material. Satisfying the International demand, skyview resources is one stop shop for it. Bitter kola is abundant in Afri

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