Cotton Plier, Dental Tweezers, Surgical Tweezers

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Model No.Twe-01
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

MFG. & Exporters of all type Cotton Pliers, Cotton tweezers, College tweezers, Meriam Tweezers, Amalgam Instruments, Plugger, tooth extracting forceps, root elevators, bone file, bone chisels, bone forceps, mosquito forceps, chisels, gouges, bone roungeur, distal end cutter, dean scissors, goldman fox scissors, crown scissors, aspirating syringes, crown instruments etc.
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You can contact with us on + 92 333 8615589
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Urine Bag
Urine Bag2000ML 1020A with NRV with bottom outlet. 1020T with NRV with T tap. 1020B with NRV with bottom outlet. 1020C with NRV without NRV without bottom outline 1500ML 1020D with NRV without bottom outlet.
Disposable Urine Bag
Disposable Urine BagProduct name Disposable drainage bag(urine bag) Product use This product is used for urine collection of serious and inconvenient patient in bed for long time. Material construction This product is m
First Aid Kit
First Aid KitWe are the reputed manufacturer of custom made first aid kit, our brand name fist aid kits are guardian first aid kit for 25 person, guardian first aid kit 10 person, please find here below the specif
Sterile Hypodermic Syringes
Sterile Hypodermic SyringesThere are many specifications that we can produce, such as 1ml,2ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml and 50ml. With different types Needles(0.45 & 0.5mm) Other specifications are available depend on customers' demen
Nano Cotton Towel, With Anti-bacteria Function
Nano Cotton Towel, With Anti-bacteria FunctionNano cotton towel, made of cotton with nano materials for anti-bacteria function, regular size, US$20.00 per pic, min order:1,000 pic. Functions: 1) daily usage; 2) activate blood circulation of the
Lab Stone
Lab StoneAtt ELFajr mold stone greets our clients and it is pleasure to provide the best Arabian production We are manufacturers of high quality dental materials such as 1. Dental gypsum products: 1. Dental su
Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Elastic Adhesive BandageBenefits: 1. Hot melt adhesive material, maximum minimized skin irritation 2. Contains no latex in the adhesive material; 3. Light weight, soft and breathable, more comfortable to users, 4. Good elast
Endo Tracheal Tube
Endo Tracheal Tube- ENDO TRACHEAL TUBE ( ENDO TRACHEAL TUBE) GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS This product is designed to secure airway or to practice mechanical ventilation for the patients in a short time during general anes
Bouffant Cap / Nurse Cap, Clip Cap, Doctor Cap, Plastic Cap
Bouffant Cap / Nurse Cap, Clip Cap, Doctor Cap, Plastic CapWe produce the PP nonwoven bouffant cap and surgical cap, the size have 21",24",18", the grams have 12grams,18grams,20grams. Also, we supply the doctor cap, the size is 61x10cm or According your requi
Wound Closure Strip
Wound Closure StripThe wound closure strip is convenient to use, and less scarring when compared to staples or sutures, it make patients comfortable and less chance of infection. It is fast application, comfortable to w
Scalp Vein Set
Scalp Vein SetSpecifications: 1, pipe adopt high elastic PVC hose, go back direct good. 2, being sharp, pinpoint can't have burr, maos of hair, croth defect. 3, there should be good anticorrosive performance while
Urine Bag
Urine BagDisposable urine bag:2000 ml,750ml Urine bag on leg 750ml, Paediatric urine bag, urinal, Sitz bath 2000ml

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