Coir Logs / Coconut Coir Fascine

Trade Terms & Business Information for Coir Logs / Coconut Coir Fascine:

Model No.Logs
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Mnufacturer of the Coconut Coir Products like coir log or coir fascine, coconut fiber, coir rope, coir net, cocopeat, coconut peat, coir pith, coconut husk chips, grow bags, coconut shell charcoal, and other coconut related products
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Plant Food
Plant FoodWe suply alot of plant food for all types of plants and herbs it contains herb extracts and plant extracts it will keep plants bright and healthy
Coleus Extract(5%,10%,20%,30%,38%)
Coleus Extract(5%,10%,20%,30%,38%)We would like to introduce ourselves as a part of 150 year old JK Organization one of the leading business houses of India engaged in the manufacture of wide range of products viz. Automobile tyres, P
Yucca Extract Powder NP
Yucca Extract Powder NPGaruda International's Yucca Schidigera Extract Powder NP is the concentrated purified extract of the Mohave Yucca Plant (Yucca schidigera), spray dried onto maltodextrin at a fifty percent concentrat
Gum Arabic
Gum ArabicA water soluble gum commonly used in binding media of paints. Gum arabic is the amorphous exudate from the stem of several species of Acacia trees, especially Acacia Nigeria and Acacia arabica, found
Latex And Natural Rubber
Latex And Natural RubberOur products are of high quality and the prices are very affordale. We supply to Tire manufacturers and natural rubber users worlwide. Give us a try today and you will be convinced and satisfied.
Aromatherapy Kit's
Aromatherapy Kit'sAromas Naturales having many years of experience has developed Aromatherapy Kit's for companies that are dedicated to selling Aromatherapy products. We mainly sell kit's with Lemongrass Oil, Cardamo
Essential Oils
Essential Oilsproducts list of essential oils like ajowain oil, almond oil, angelica root oil,apricot oil, avacado, basil oil, betel nut oil,bergamot, bois de rose, cade oil calamus, camphor oil, carrot seed, ceed
Seaweed (cottonii)
Seaweed (cottonii)Our dried seaweed (cottonii) processed from high quality indonesian seaweed by high standard process, with following specifications : Moisture Content 35%, Impurities >3%. Quantity offered: 1 x 20' p
Nopal Powder Or Cactus Powder
Nopal Powder Or Cactus PowderDried Opuntia cactus stems that are organically grown and dehydrated through natural sun exposure.
Soy Isoflavone
Soy IsoflavoneOver the past year, the company is capable of producing 5 - 6 ton of Soy Isoflavone monthly, both of whose technology and quality are bought up to the int'l level, its products have 7 categories of ne
Essential Oils And Aromatic Products
Essential Oils And Aromatic ProductsWe offer the highest quality essential oils and aromatic products. Following is a highlight of the productss avilable: 1- Anised Oil 2- Bitter Orange Flowers Concrete 3- Blue Chamomile Oil 4- Carnati
Natural Phytosterol, Stigmasterol
Natural Phytosterol, Stigmasterol*Natural phytosterol Appearance: White crystalline powder Source: Deodorized distillates of vegetable oil Specification:90%,95% Package: Paper Board Drum(15kg/20kg) *Natural Stigmasterol: Appearance:

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