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Model No.0113
Place Of OriginSpain
Brand NamePerduretas Codeina
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T,CASH
Supply Ability-
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specification

Codeina For relaxing and pain see product details:
Snorenz Snore Relief Spray 1 Oz. Size
Snorenz Snore Relief Spray 1 Oz. SizeSnorenz snore relief spray is the first and most popular snoring remedy on the global market. It is actively exported to many countries in the world.
Mirazid Pharco
Mirazid PharcoMIRAZID 300 mg SGC The ideal treatment for Schistosomiasis and Fascioliasis. Mirazid is an innovated drug derived from Commiphora Molmol extract. It provides the coupling of ultimate
Tampons No-name
Tampons No-nameWir sind Hersteler von Tampons und Damenbinden unsere Produkt Palete ist. Damenbinden Tampons Inkontinenz-Produkte Windeln Training Pants Babypleget�cher Slipeinlagen Feuchte Pfleget�cher Intimpfl
Pyroligneous Liquid
Pyroligneous LiquidPyroligneous liquor Active Ingredient (1 Ampoule contains) Choa pyroligneous liquid 35% Isomaltooliosacchraides D - sorbitol Citric acid Merit of Oak pyroligneous liquor Chronic hepatic disease Athen
Maca Tablets 500mg
Maca Tablets 500mgBenefits: aphrodisiac qualities, treats male impotence, fertility enhancement, energizing effects, promotes mental clarity, and helps with menstrual irregularities and female hormonal imbalances inclu
Rapid Tb Test
Rapid Tb TestProduts Highlights One Simple Step Rapid Result in 15 minutes Easy to Read Color Band Room Temperate Storage Other information Specimen : Serum Packing : 1 test+1 silica gel in an aluminum foil pouch
Velvet Elk Antler
Velvet Elk AntlerThe use of velvet antler dates back to the Han Dynasty where it was used for treating impotence, wounds, pain, and arthritis. Korean people use velvet antler for both its preventative and curative pow
Sin Sin PAS
Sin Sin PASSell SIN SIN PAS Active ingredient : In 1sheet (12.2��16.4cm2, 3458mg) * Methyl salicylate ............ 103.74mg * powdered Capsicum .......... 345.80mg (1.729mg as Capsaicin) * Capsicum Tinc
PanLife Multi Vitamin
PanLife Multi Vitaminvery competitive multi vitamin \ multi mineral available for exporting to outside U.S.A. extensive experience in dealing with foreign importers \ distributors. Free sample upon request (not include ai
CellceptThis prescription medicine is approved by the FDA to reduce the risk of organ transplant rejection. Size = 100 tablets. Strength= 500 mg. Manufactured by La Roche Labs. NDC-0004-0260-01.
Chinese Healthcare Herbal Pillow
Chinese Healthcare Herbal PillowChinese Healthcare Herbal Pillow. A purely natural healthcare product. Made of more than 10 kinds of precious natural herbs. Suitable for use of all walks of life. Using it at sleep. Extremely effecti
XUEZHIKANG CAPSULEXuezhikang capsule is a new-styled medicine regulating abnormal blood lipid and it is a purely nature medicine based on traditional Chinese medical theory and produced by modern biotechnology. [Indica

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