Trade Terms & Business Information for Cocodiethanolamide:

Model No.CDE-85
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Cocodiethanolamide (CDE)
CDE is used as a thickening and foam stabilising ingredient in dish washes and shampoos.
Product Specification: CDE 85
Appearance: viscous liquid
Specific Gravity: 1. 0 max.
Amide Content: 83-86 percent
Free Amine: 5. 5 percent max.
Moisture: 0. 1 percent max.
Glycerine Content: 11 + / -0. 5 percent
Origin: Made in Malaysia
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Sodium Pyrithione
Sodium PyrithioneSodium Pyrithione (SPT) 1) Alias: 1-Nitrogen Oxides-2-Mercaptopyridine Sodium 2) CAS No.: 3811-73-2 3) Molecular formula: C5H4NOSNa 4) Molecular weight: 149.16 5) Appearance: yellow transparent
N-Propyl Bromide
N-Propyl BromideDescriptions: Synonym: 1-bromopropane Formula: C3H7Br Molecular weight: 123.00 CAS no.: 106-94-5 UN no.: 2344 Capacity: 5,000MT/year Applications: Solvent for industrial cleaning Organic synth
special low-ester pectin
special low-ester pectin(1) TECHNICAL INDICATORS: Degree of gelation: >100 degrees(US--SAG) Degree of esterification:80% Appearance:light yellow powder PH(1%)water solution>4 Water content:
antioxidant 300
antioxidant 300AT300 is a powerful antioxidant for use in applications requiring heat resistance.Itis suitable for the protection of white and light-colored NR and synthetic rubbercompounds,including latex formulati
AzodicarbonamideThis series including two grades: ACP-SO and ACP-W
N-Propyl Bromide
N-Propyl BromideSpecifications: 1) CAS #: 106-94-5 2) Other name: 1-bromo propane 3) Molecular formula: CH3CH2CH2Br 4) Molecular weight: 123.00 5) Appearance: clear liquid 6) Melting point: -110°C 7) Boiling poin
Ieonite(K2SO4.MgSO4.6H2O)1.Application:High-quality,high-efficient,stability,pollution-free,environment-friendly, neutral plural inorganic ;Shut the soil situation,use in lacking potassium, lacking the magnesium,soil which is
Sulphonated Oil SS
Sulphonated Oil SSSulphonated oil SS is a new type sulphonated leather fatliquoring material processed by sulfur trioxide gas-phase sulfonation. It can be independently used, or mixed with other fatliquoring agents. SS
Homophe. OET. HCL
Homophe. OET. HCLAppearance :White to tan powder Loss on drying: less or equal 0.5% Assay:97%---103% CAS NO.: 90891-21-7
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Colorful BleachThis article is applicable to the clothes of various color, property geniality, not damaged clothes, don't harm a hand. Colorful clothes, removed the dirt, increase gorgeous 600g x 20 bottles/ctn
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Pure Hand Cleansing GelPurel is a hand sanitizier that cleans your hands without using soap, water or towel. Can be used at school, on travel, after playing, before dining hours and everywhere and at any time you need. Pure

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