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Model No.Mineral Water
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

From the natural springs of Poland, mineral water has flowed for ages. Cisowianka takes water directly from the spring and bottles it ready to be delivered. The company has over twenty years of experience as one of the country's leading producers of water. Cisowianka produces natural sparkling water, mineral flat water, and soda water that can be shipped anywhere in the world from port. We invite distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to contact us regarding samples and purchasing. see product details:
CoffeeTraditional beverages exclusive from West Java Indonesia. Very lovely by children, adults and parents.
Juice,The company established in 17.09.1984 under the registration No. 1142 , its purpose was to produce types fruit juices & fruit juice concentrates. Our company at present produces all of the above menti
Granulated Coffee
Granulated CoffeeThe very best coffee beans are meticulously selected and processed to secure, through the agglomeration of particles from spray dried coffee, a high quality product in granulated presentation. Option
Coficofi Chocco Mocca
Coficofi Chocco MoccaCoficofi chocco-mocca - is a unique combination of coffee and cocoa with cream and sugar. It is an inimitable taste of coffee with chocolate. Taste it once - you'll never stop!
Bomba Energy - Original
Bomba Energy - OriginalBomba energy is twelve years old and distributed worldwide into 49 countries. Bomba energy has a smooth taste with no bitter aftertaste like competitors, and provides a steady 5-6 hours of energy with
Natural Drinking Baikal Water
Natural Drinking Baikal WaterFeatures: 1) highest class (higher than "firs class") 2) capacity:5 liters 3) non-aerated 4) unique chemical composition, molecular skeleton and isotopic composition 5) recommended for adults and babi
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple JuiceProduct description: Nectars Delivery term: Negotiable Payment Term: Negotiable Currency: Euro Description: Pineapple Juice fron concentrate 50%. Brand name: Private label Manufacturer: Conservas Mi
Sencafe Instant Coffee 2gr Sachets
Sencafe Instant Coffee 2gr SachetsSencafe instant coffee is also available in 2gr sachets within display boxes of 100 units each. This is a perfect product for countries where instant coffee is also sold by sachet unit. Sencafe 2gr s
Instant Powder Drinks
Instant Powder DrinksInstant powder drinks with Orange, Grape, Cola, Lemon, strawberry
Vortex Spun Activated-Oxygenated Water
Vortex Spun Activated-Oxygenated WaterThis is glacial souced water in Vancouver BC processed though a propietary system for spinning, magnetizing and oxygenating the water. Packed in 12x500ml 24 x 500ml 6 x 1L
Cafe Don Pedro Premium Coffee 34.5 Oz.
Cafe Don Pedro Premium Coffee 34.5 Oz.Cafe don pedro premium American roast ground coffee packaged in an airtight 34.5 oz. Can.
100% Natural Mango Juice
100% Natural Mango Juice"Amigoes" Brand of Premium Fruit juices, introduces its "Lite" range. 100% Natural Mango Juice - Called "Pulpy Mango Magic". Low on Calories, with NO ADDED SUGAR, COLOUR or FLAVOUR. Contains only Frui

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