CIF Cream Detergent 500ml

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Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsL/C
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Product: CIF cream regular/lemon 500ml
Packing:500ml x 16 per carton
Price: USD 14.45 per carton
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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Lauryl SulfateCharacter 1. K12 is a kind of anionic surfactant. 2. Dissolves in the water easily. 3. Compatibility with anion and non-ionic. 4. Emulsifying, foaming, osmosis, detergency and de-centrality perform
bathtube cleanser
bathtube cleanseralways high quality with lowest price for our customers from home and abroad. OEMservice available for almost all bathroom cleanser.
Glass Liquid Cleaner
Glass Liquid CleanerVolume: 550ml Packing: 12 bottles/ctn Carton dimensions: 38.5 x 22 x 27.5cm
toilet cleaner
toilet cleanerhospitl grde disinfectant,kills houshold germs .suitable for septic toilets.
TH-406 Composite Bactericide
TH-406 Composite BactericideTH-406 Composite Bactericide
Dish Washing Detergent
Dish Washing DetergentFeatures:1) Easy for cleaning dishes and safe washing for fruit and vegetables2) Mild in nature and will not harm users' skin
pearl and mere thick liquid
pearl and mere thick liquidused in kinds of shampoo.
detergent powder
detergent powder1)TU/LS01 LAS:18%min, STPP:21%min, CMC:1.5%min, Perfume:0.2%min Packing:500g or 1kg plastic bags, 12bags/paper carton, 24mts/40'HQ 2)TU/BLP01 Appearance : White granular solid Specific Gravi
BleachClean Dirt, scale, soap dirt, rust, filth Use the fleetness clear away toilet inner urine on the bed pan, bathtub, washing basin and ceramic tile, not hurting ceramic glaze; convenient, efficient at p
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Lauryl SulfateItems Specification Limits SLS/93 Appearance(25oC) White or Light Yellow Powder Odor No Strange
Dehydration Antirust Oil
Dehydration Antirust OilComponent It is confected by dehydration agent, antirust agent, basis oil etc. Characteristic It is good at removing the water films in the surface of metals, and clinging with a layer of oil film
Powerful Perfumed Laundry Powder
Powerful Perfumed Laundry PowderAdoption of built-up technology with surface active agent, has strong detersive power and good washing effect. Suitable for cotton, hemp and chemical fiber-based clothes. Packing: 300g x 20/woven bag

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