Calla Lily White

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Model No.pto 9, pt 7, pt 5
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Currently our main production is the select White Calla Lily (zantedeschia aethiopica). The quality is very important for us, we take special care of the uniformity so our flowers offers to you bright and pure colours, long and strong stems and we are capable of shipping them in three different growth stages, which range from open to tight cut, based upon your preferences see product details:
MokaraBreed: Mokara Type: Red Color: Red
Cycad. Rare Unique Landscape Feature Plant
Cycad. Rare Unique Landscape Feature PlantEncephalartos kisambo, from Kenya in Africa, is a remarkably handsome cycad, is a fast growing large plant with Leaves to 2m, Trunk to 2.5m x 70cm in Diameter. Has some frost tolerance, and is easy to
Shampoo Gramini
Shampoo GraminiThis is heliconia a varietie.One shipment we can send 1000. This varietie cutflowers can
Orchid Cymbidium
Orchid CymbidiumWe offer chinese cymbdium species by division. We both have regular type, such as cym. Sinense, cym. Ensifolium, cym. Formosanum and cym. Kanra, and their variegated type. If you need any further info
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky BambooWe are well established as a nursery and gardener of lucky bamboo, and our goods are enjoying high reputation for their excellent quality but with a compatitive price. Please contact directly with us.
Red Roses
Red RosesRoses availible in different colors, stem lenghts packed in bunches of 20 ask for current prices.
Alice Arrangement
Alice ArrangementTropical Flower Alice arrangement.
Mini Dendorbium Orchid
Mini Dendorbium OrchidMini dendrobium orchid. Lavender blooms that last 4-12 weeks. Plant comes in a 3inch plastic pot. Blooming season is between august thru december, but can bloom 2 to 3 times a year with proper care.
Cactus Plants
Cactus PlantsLarge Cactus Plants (from 1 up to 3.5 meters) Offered from Mexico where are grown under CITES regulations and could be exported worlwide. These are targeted for wholesalers and big nurseries.
Kinshi (Tree Peony)
Kinshi (Tree Peony)Tree Peony No:T1-010 Variety Name:Kinshi Flower Style:Crown-like Bloomy Period:Late Stage Standard:1-2Branches
Wild Chinese Peony
Wild Chinese PeonyWild Chinese Peony 1) Paeonia spontanea Shanxi Jishan Tree peony(100% wild growing) ; 2) Paeonia rockii Ganshu Ziban Tree peony 2~3 branches ; 3) Paeonia ostii Anhui Tongling Feng Dan Bai 2~3 branc
Cobra Design
Cobra DesignThis design very nice, with flat braid You can enjoy this on placing on table

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