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Model No.cenderawasih
Place Of Originnot known
Brand Nameburung cenderawasih
Price TermsFOB malaysia USD 100,000 (negotiable)
Payment TermsCASH
Supply Ability1
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

The story begins when there is an old folk secret book called Tajul Muluk describe about a bird called Burung Cenderawasih. The bird was born in paradise. Many of the eldest said, cenderawasih came from paradise and always found sitting beside pious.

There was also mentioned in other Malay old books, when cenderawasih came down to earth, its life will end. However, the strange and interesting about this bird is the body of cenderawasih will not degrade. It is because it was said that the bird only drink water in the paradise. Moreover it has very tremendous fragrance and we cannot say it in word. Cenderawasih died because of many reasons. They sometimes died while flying, while at rest or while sleeping.

From our research, this bird is commonly known as Burung Cenderawasih in this region or Asean country. For Chinese people the bird commonly call as Phoenix Bird which always relationship with China Emperor. In Europe, the bird is popularly known as 'Bird of Paradise'. Where this bird actually comes from is still remain unknown until now. There is no evidence that this bird comes from paradise. Many of the birds are still with their keeper which are kept throughout generations.

In the book of Tajul Muluk, burung cenderawasih was said to have various advantages.Most of the body parts are used in traditional medicine. Many people use the bird because they believe it can bring good luck for their own use or for business. Burung cenderawasih is used as 'pelaris' (for good fortune). Most people who has been interviewed told us that the tail of the burung cenderawasih brought luck to their life. However, the reality about burung cenderawasih is the bird remain a mystery.
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