Bear Brand Powdered Milk

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Model No.LT-BB
Place Of OriginPhilippines
Packaging180g x 60400g x 24800g x 12900g x 121800g x 6
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T
Supply Abilityvolume
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

Prepared from non-fat milk powder and blended with refined vegetable oils, enriched with vitamins a, b-complex, e and iodine. It provides all the essential nutrients the family needs to stay healthy and strong.

The finest quality filled milk, rich in health-giving nutrients, ideal for the whole family. see product details:
Infant Formula Milk Powder (Step 1, Step 2)
Infant Formula Milk Powder (Step 1, Step 2)Infant formula milk powder (step 1): suitable for babies under 6 month Packing: 400g/tin, 12 tins/carton Carton dimensions: 34.5 x 21 x 26.5cm Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 1,440ctns Follow-up infant
Flavoured Milk
Flavoured MilkThe nature pure fresh milk mixes with all kinds of taste in specific technique, whichcan satisfy customers' different tastes. Walnut and malt tastes are available. Target customer: It is for the fema
WHOLE MILK POWDERWhole Milk Powder(STANDARD GB5410-1999)CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSISProtein % 23.5 minFat % 26 minMoisture % 5 maxInsolubility Index ml ------------Scorched Particle mg/kg 16 maxTitratable acidty T 18 maxSt
Non-Dairy Creamer (Fat Powder)
Non-Dairy Creamer (Fat Powder)All products are made of hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate (milk protein), glucose syrup, after high-pressure homogenize emulsification, spray and dry. The features include: the milk is den
Formula Milk Powder for Elderly People
Formula Milk Powder for Elderly PeopleKOCCI Formula Milk Powder for Elderly People is prepared according to the needs of elderly people on metabolism and nutrition. Mainly composed of fresh milk, added with dietary fiber, it is rich in vi
Full Cream Milk Powder
Full Cream Milk PowderWe are one of the dairy manufacturer in china and we can offer the full cream milkpowder in 25kg packing.
Double Fruits Milk Beverage
Double Fruits Milk BeverageIt is based on YILI excellent yoghurt and mixed with two kinds of Asian tropicalfruit, which tastes sour and sweet. It is fantastic and delicious. The taste oftwo kinds of tropical fruit is fantastic,
Instant Milk Powder
Instant Milk PowderSpecifications: 1.Moisture 2 to 4 %2.Fat 27 to 28 %3.Protein 25 to 27 %4.Lactose 35 to 37 %5. Minerals 5.7 to 7 %6.Lecithin up to 5grams per kilogram (maximum)7.Acidity up to 0.17 % as lactic acid (ma
Black Soybean Milk Powder
Black Soybean Milk PowderIt is made from the finest soyabean and white granulated sugar. The product has rich vegetable proteins. It is nutritious, tasty and fragrance without the rancid smell of beans. Convenient to consume.
Superior Milk Powder for Pregnant Women
Superior Milk Powder for Pregnant WomenKOCCI Milk Powder For Pregnant Women is specially prepared for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is prepared by fresh milk, with addition of nutritional ingredients which is needful for pregnant
Cornmeal Flake
Cornmeal FlakeThere are more than 10 sub-items for this series, such as Yashili nutritious cornmeal, giant packing, cornmeal for elders (low-sugar), cornmeal for children, and oatmeal flake. Inner packing: 600g/
Yousuanru Milk Beverage
Yousuanru Milk BeverageIt is one kind of sweet, sour and nutrient milk-drink. It is made of nature pure milk and the modern productive technique is used. It not only tastes cool and refreshing, but also keeps all kind of nu

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