Australian Red And White Wines

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Model No.EL 3487 RW/ EL 3452 WW/ EL 3215 CW
Certificationsprovided on request and cost from buyer
Price TermsEXW, FOB, C&F
Payment TermsT/T by Bank, Western Union
Delivery Lead TimeNegotiable

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Features & Specifications

type: Red
We are able to obtain, popular Australian red and white wines for export. We are able to obtain very competitive pricing on overstock wines, and cask wines. Our wines are from popular South Australian, Victorian and Western Australian wineries.
Please supply us with your queries, and upon verification, we are able to provide you with our wine lists and prices. To able to verify authenticity of your company, please provide us with a company profile upon enquiry, and also if you are a trader / broker, please provide us with a letter of authority for you to be the mandate.
Please provide us with valid email addresses and contact details, so we may expedite our processes.
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Real Provision Reserva
Real Provision Reservatype: RedGreat oportunity for buy in Switzerland one pallet of high quality reserva wine from Spain. It is 100% tempranillo and it is a new stile wine, very aromatic and fruity.
Red Wine
Red Winetype: RedRed Wine, Made in Puglia (Italy) , high quality DOC and IGT, good price, varies types in glass bottle 0, 75 Liters.
Beer Gifts
Beer Giftstype: BeerPaper coaster, metal, rubber all thickness all dimension. Tray metal 35 cm x 5 cm. Advertising clock Trucks toy all scales
Konrad Beer
Konrad Beertype: BeerThe Vratislavice brewery has been brewing high-quality beer in the north Bohemian city of Liberec-Vratislavice u. Nisa for 130 years. The brewery makes its own malt that has a proven qualit
Georgian Wine Home Edittion
Georgian Wine Home EdittionBest Georgian Wine From Best wine plant. Home eddition 2-10 years old
TequilaMexican Tequila, High quality, fitting all standars, good taste, certified. Production capacity: 10, 000 boxes per month, being able to reach 20, 000 if required Our products are made by strict quali
Vinos Wines Chilean
Vinos Wines Chileantype: RedPLAN Technologies export the best bottled wines from Chile to worldwide. Our fine selection of certified and excelent varietals, reserve an premium wines are from the best valleys of Chile.
Savuri Merlot
Savuri MerlotSavuri Wines Merlot A new world Merlot that is fruit driven with exciting hints of coconut. An elegant wine in the true new world style. Packaging is eye catching with an enigmatic story behind the S
Table / Igt Wines
Table / Igt WinesITALIAN WINES FROM SOUTH EAST. Cases 12 bottles, pallet 50 cases. Bottles ml 75. Front and back labels, cork stopper. Table wine alcool 10, 50 eurocent 65 per bottles. Igt wines alcool 12, 00 euro
Tannat Merlot
Tannat MerlotSell Wine Tannat Merlot, from the high valley of Tarija, 2000 meters over sea level. Great taste, Good Quality and Best Price.
Canadian Ice Wine
Canadian Ice Winetype: LiquorQuality / Safety Certification: Canada is recognized as the world's leading maker of Icewines and continues to receive gold medals from the most prestigious international wine competition
Alcohol (Ethanol)
Alcohol (Ethanol)Alcohol with following specification: Alcohol content precent volume at 20 oC min 96 Appearence colorless Organoleptic charactristics no detect Acidity as acetic acid mg / l max 0. 15 Esters as ethyl

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