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Model No.antifire paints
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Features & Specifications

Antifire is a unique line of fire retardants and extinguishers that protects wood, plastics, metals including aluminium, rubber, foams, plaster, sheetrock, electrical, wiring&cable, cardboard and fabrics. It is a water based paint. Antifire treated surfaces can withstand flame temperatures up to 5000
degree Fahrenheit for several hours without burning. All versions are made entirely from organic materials and, therefore, are completely nontoxic and environmentally friendly. Antifire products were developed in Germany. In USA White Sands Labs conducted toxicity, upward flame propagation, odor and VCM tests on our paint product. As a result, Marshall Space Center has given Antifire its highest rating and has approved and authorized its' use on manned space shuttles. Londons' Warrington Fire Research tested Antifre-coated electric cables under fire conditions,according to the procedure specified in IEC 332: Part 3: 1992, Category A, F/R. Antifire
passed with flying colors. see product details:
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